Hermione saves the planet


Emma Watson, not content to be the highest paid actress on the planet, is now set on saving the world. The 19-year-old Harry Potter star has launched he own eco-friendly clothing line with British fare-trade label People Tree.

Emma’s collection includes eco-friendly men’s and women’s knitwear, including T-shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts. The collection uses 80 percent organic cotton. And, best yet, all proceeds go to the People Tree Foundation, which supports fair-trade farmers and artists in developing nations.

Wow, a starlet who uses her fame to not promote herself (and the various naked body parts she flashes while getting out of cars), but instead support a worthy cause? Now that’s really magic. Fine, there was that one time Emma had a minor wardrobe malfunction. But I blame the wind.

So, what do you think of Emma’s eco-friendly fashions? Would you wear any? And, since she made $30 million last year, do you think I could get her to send me a free shirt? What? I’m on a tight budget and she can afford it.

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