New “Chloe” trailer shows a business transaction plus benefits


Oh what a tangled web we weave when you hire a prostitute to seduce our husband and then get seduced by said prostitute instead — I think. The first U.S. trailer for Chloe has been released and if there was any doubt that Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried share something more than a business transaction, this should effectively squash it.

While the international trailer showed more skin, the American trailer gives us a better sense of the story with its twists, turns and lovers scorned.


Based loosely on the French film Nathalie, Chloe seems to push the relationship between the wife and her sleuth-and-more further than the original. These new promotional stills (via Amanda Seyfried Daily) certainly suggest more than the aforementioned simple business transaction.

Unless, of course, Julianne’s character Catherine is paying Chloe in kisses, in which case, carry on.

Now, I have a sneaking suspicion this will all not end well. I highly doubt anyone is going to stand on top of a cab and yell “You’re a wanker, No. 9!” right before the credits roll. But the film is still incredibly intriguing, not just for its stellar cast but also its charged sexual dynamic.

Do I worry too that the whole thing might devolve into another, tired crazy-lesbian-is-crazy story? A little. No one needs to see Amanda go all Single White Lesbian on Julianne. But I trust in director Atom Egoyan’s darkly layered vision.

With films like Exotica (starring Mia Kirshner) and The Sweet Hereafter, Egoyan has made thoughtful work that push past people’s comfortable emotions to the shadowy edges we’d often rather not talk about. And I expect nothing less in Chloe.

Chloe opens in limited release in New York and Los Angeles March 26. It opens earlier in the month in several European cities. So, are you excited? Are you scared?

As Amanda levels those big, big eyes at us, I’ll admit to being a lot of both.

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