Morning Brew: Tuesday, Feb. 9


Good morning! Are you buried under snow like I am?

Life Blood is a new horror film starring Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri where they play lesbian vampire assassins. Yep, more lesbian vampires. You can watch it on cable now on Video on Demand. What? You mean it won’t be in theaters? Movies like this are best watched alone in the privacy of your own home, away from loved ones asking, “Seriously?”

The Bad Girls Club just keeps getting better. And by better, I mean more and more ridiculously awful. There’s a threesome going on in the hot tub, and bisexual Flo is the least interested in taking part.

That episode airs tonight, so you can watch the bad girls and their “Spencer Pratt doofball” get it on, and Flo get more mad about it from her lawn chair.

Coronation Street is finally getting its much-hyped “lesbian kiss” — in April, one year from when we first reported on the news. On April 9, UK viewers can watch the Sophie and Sian kiss unfold with “no tongue.” Wow, that’s worth the wait.

Perhaps you UK readers would rather hear that The Diary of Anne Lister will be premiering at the The London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on Thursday, March 17. Lucky you!

The Sarah Silverman Show‘s new season premiered on Comedy Central last night, but you can catch it on Logo tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST. Here’s Sarah sharing her thoughts on gay marriage:

Jillian Michaels shared some photos from a Harley Davidson photoshoot and I’d like to formally ask her for a ride.

Goodbye gay women!

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