Morning Brew: Friday, Feb. 5


Are you ready for the weekend? Me, too. But first, the brew. reader SweetLmac tipped us off to a burgeoning relationship on the German soap Marienhof. It appears that Kerstin (Maike Billitis), who is in a relationship with a man, has fallen for Juliette (Maike von Bremen)and it’s about to get serious. German fans can watch it unfold all next week, including this:

While we’re still reeling from the Sarah/Veronica separation on Italy’s Big Brother, Brazil’s own season is heating up. Out lesbian contestant Angelica has a crush on one of her other housemates, though she has yet to divulge which one. AE reader Marcela told us that Angelika kissed another girl on the neck during Truth or Dare, and that they are all flirty and “dance in cages” for each other. This doesn’t happen on American Big Brother. I need to take a trip down south.

Angelica cooks with a possible crush

Catie Curtis covers Bruce Springsteen‘s “If I Should Fall Behind” on an upcoming album, In My Room, which benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. You can get it this April.

Thanks to Sarah Warn for Tweeting this article listing a ton of LGBT web series. Now you know what you’re doing this weekend.

Bisexual singer Sia is going on tour this spring, and she’s got a video game-themed music video for her new single, “You’ve Changed.”

It’s official: Casey Johnson‘s autopsy report indicates that she has died from not taking care of her diabetes. Here’s hoping Tila Tequila will now rest in peace.

One of Roger Ebert‘s favorite films of last year had a lesbian character, and it wasn’t Precious. The movie Disgrace starred John Malkovich as a professor who moves in with his gay daughter, Lucy (Jessica Haines) after he is fired from having an affair with a student. It isn’t some sort of quirky family comedy, though — check out the trailer and tell me you don’t want to see what is going down. Adding to my Netflix right now.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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