“Cowboys & Aliens” is going Wilde


Who wants to play cowboys with Olivia Wilde? What with all the riding and roping and wearing leather chaps and — oh, sorry, I got a little distracted. Olivia is in talks to star in the upcoming action flick Cowboys & Aliens.

No, you did not read that wrong. Aliens. Little green men. Space invaders. Definitely not Tonto. The House star would appear opposite Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, in the film being helmed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

I know what you’re thinking right about now: But, but, there’ll still be leather chaps, right? You bet your sweet bippy. The film is an adaptation of the graphic novel by the same name.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia would play Elle, a woman “who joins up with [the] mysterious gunslinger (played by Craig) in an unlikely uprising against an alien invasion.” Cue images of Olivia wielding a six shooter with a gun belt slung low around her waist and — um. Uh. Unf — OK, I’m back.

Olivia is already set to make a big splash in the long-awaited sequel Tron Legacy this December. If she signs on for another sci-fi role she is poised to become the reigning geekgirl (and geekboy, we’ll share) heartthrob.

So, are you ready to get roped in my Olivia? And, yes, I meant that to sound dirty.

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