Morning Brew: Wednesday, Feb. 3


Hey there, you’re looking pretty good today! Did you do something different with your hair?

Rosie O’Donnell might not have her own Female Force comic yet, but she is featured in Barbara Walters. Check out this panel from their infamous showdown surrounding Donald Trump and The View.

Looking good, Ro.

Are you a fan of Verbotene Liebe and got a question for Sophie (AKA Meike Gottschalk)? We’ll be talking with Meike about her new web series, Emma Stahl, and anything else you want to know about her and the lesbian roles she’s played. Send in your questions to [email protected].

I have just come up with a brilliant idea on how to avoid psuedo-offensive comments from straight actresses taking part in lesbian sex scenes or kisses on film: Hire lesbian actors. Then, perhaps, we won’t get answers like this one from Natalie Portman, regarding her upcoming tryst with Mila Kunis in Black Swan: “I was terrified. At the moment I lived in a state of inner terror.” Somehow I don’t think Portia de Rossi or Leisha Hailey would respond that way, but maybe Jodie Foster would.

Out musician Shenandoah Davis wasn’t so out when she debuted her 2008 album on Queer Control records. She recently told Boise Weekly that she had to explain an article that referred to her as a lesbian. “I think it’s a harder conversation to have with friends and family than to just come out,” Davis said. I guess I thought that telling friends and family you date women was coming out.

Jane’s World creator Paige Braddock was recently in Paris and filmed a video interview for The interview is in English with French subtitles. Learn how she came up with the idea for Jane and friends (and girlfriends.)

Are you watching The Good Wife? It’s a good show — just don’t hold your breath waiting for Kalinda to come out. Yet another interview with Archie Panjabi gives us a vague hint that it will happen, but we still have no idea when. “That’s all going to be a slow, gradual release rather than one big surprise,” she said regarding Kalinda’s being a lesbian. “I think the more time you spend with a person in life, the more you actually get to know about them.” I am begging to miss the good old days when lesbians on TV just came out with it, before getting pregnant, murdering someone or sleeping with a dude. OK, not really, but I love Kalinda. Sue me! has a gallery of celebrity dopplegangers, including Orlando Bloom and JD Samson. I have two of my own I’d like to add to this list.

Justin Bieber and Dani Campbell

Zac Efron and Daniela Sea

Now all is right in the world.

A new satriical web comedy called The Videomakers has a bisexual character named Cheri LaFontaine, who is also vegan and may or may not have a crush on her boss, Amanda. The show is hilarious and follows “the overcaffeinated, overmedicated, and overstimulated world of nonfiction television and video, where the crew at Lowball Productions, Inc. struggles to deliver programming to the Exculpatory Channel, Esophagus Network, and Hysteria Channel while holding their company — and their sanity — together.” Check out the first episode below:

Was poet Emily Dickinson gay? The author of The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson says in this interview that by today’s standards, she’d be seen as androgynous.

Speaking of andro, how are you all feeling about Ruby Rose‘s new look?

Until tomorrow!

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