Morning Brew: Tuesday, Feb. 2


It’s official: Six more weeks of winter! Thanks a lot, Phil.

If you are big into fashion or watch The Hills, you might already be familiar with Kelly Cutrone. The infamously sassy woman in charge of People’s Revolution, a fashion PR company, now has her own Bravo reality show, Kell on Earth, and has been addressing the lesbian rumors that surround her. She told The Advocate:

I thought I was a lesbian at one point after my divorce from [Warhol protégé] Ronnie Cutrone, who I married at 21. Everybody told me that if I did all these things, I was going to live happily ever after, so getting divorced at the age of 25 is pretty heavy if you’re in love and you believe in that whole system the way that I did. I was like, I think women are really beautiful and everybody thinks I’m gay, so I must be a lesbian. So I did sleep with and have a relationship with a woman, but it was very short-lived — only two weeks — because I like to have sex with guys. … There are so many stereotypes, so I can understand why people think that I’m gay, but if I were gay, I’d be sleeping with a woman and not be uptight about it. I just sexually prefer to sleep with men.

OK, Kelly, I believe you — and not just because I’m scared of you.

I’m a huge Dexter fan, and I know there’s plenty of Buffy/Angel fans that will find this equally as exciting: Julie Benz is officially going to be in a lesbian relationship on Desperate Housewives — with Dana Delany. Perhaps I should start watching this show, at least for the month of February.

Jane Lynch recently told the British press that she didn’t come out until 31 because she didn’t want to be gay. “I wanted to be — I wanted an easy life,” Jane said. “And you know what? I am gay and I still have an easy life.” I’d say it’s a pretty sweet life! Full of Glee.

Amanda Seyfried has something to say to the people who asked her what it was like to have on-screen lesbian kisses with Megan Fox or Julianne Moore: “It was so annoying. That question — don’t ask it.” 10-4. I’m pretty sure we already know how you feel.

Speaking of, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are still having to answer similar inquires about their hot scene in The Runaways. “It’s pretty subjective,” Stewart said. “It was never written in the script, like, ‘hardcore sex scene.'” There’s actually a lot more interesting commentary from director Floria Sigismondi in the same article, such as the things she could have done if Dakota were older or if she’d hired an actress over 18 altogether. Them’s the breaks.

On a related note, the memoir that The Runaways is based on, Cherrie Curie‘s Neon Angel, will be published March 16. Basically my week will be like this: Read book, see movie, blast their albums and reaffirm my lifelong crush on Joan Jett. Am I too old to put posters on my wall?

Last night was the Indie Soap Awards, and lesbians came out winning. Seeking Simone creator Renee Olbert won Breakthrough Performance and Anyone But Me took home four awards: Best Writing, Best Storyline (Vivian adjusts to her new life), Best Performance by a Lead Actress (Rachael Hip-Flores) and Best Performance by a Supporting Actor (Joshua Holland). Venice won Fan’s Choice Award and Best Use of Music.

We’ll have a post on the Oscar nominees today, but here’s some other nominations you might want to know about. The Razzies are the awards for the “worsts” of the year and, unfortunately, some of our favorites are nominated! Lindsay Lohan is up for Worst Actress of the Decade, and both Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox are nominated in several categories. However, I had to chuckle at this entry in Worst Couple: “Kristen Stewart & EITHER Robert Pattinson OR Taylor Whatz-His-Fang.” I thought his name was Shirtless Werewolf?

The BBC lesbian series Lip Service was supposed to debut this spring, but has now been pushed back until the autumn season. We’ll just have to learn a lesson in patience, and hope this means it gets a better timeslot come fall!

Female Force has released a few new pages from the Ellen DeGeneres comic we told you about in December. Here’s a look at teen Ellen.

Have a great day.

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