Morning Brew: Jan. 29, 2010


Good morning! reader Envingu sent us a tip about this anti-smoking ad from It follows Anna, a girl who decides that she will kiss a guy every time she’s offered a smoke. But at the end, she faces the dilemma of taking a cigarette or kissing gasp! a girl!

Maybe she’s just saying, “After I kiss this girl, I’m going to need a cigarette!” No? writer Anna North writes something that will make so many of you nod your heads in agreement. In “It’s Not My Boyfriend’s, It’s Mine: An Ode to Men’s Clothing,” she writes, “I find “boyfriend” kind of gross as a descriptor for clothes. It implies a) that the wearer has a boyfriend, and b) that she’s wearing his clothes as a way to be close to him (which always seems kind of cutesy to me) rather than as a sartorial statement in their own right. For an illustration of the ridiculousness of slapping ‘boyfriend’ in front of everything that has a menswear feel, see Rachel Maddow.” Virtual high five, my friend.

“No, this is not my boyfriend’s outfit”

In some exciting casting news, former Gilmore Girls star Liza Weil will guest star on Anyone But Me for several episodes, beginning in February. She will play Dr. Glass, a “pregnant psychiatrist.” This doesn’t mean she’s not a lesbian. We’ve seen many a knocked up gay lady on TV. Almost too many.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Desperate Housewives will feature a lesbian kiss. Seriously, another one. Teri Hatcher‘s Susan will share a kiss with another woman on the new season. reports it will happen on the Jan. 31 episode, making a pretty good guess that it could be with former Dexter star Julie Benz, who will play a stripper. I prefer this to Swoozie Kurtz, but how many times will they have lesbian kisses without any actual lesbians? (Lily Tomlin as a gossipy neighbor doesn’t count.)

Bisexual poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy is pretty hip. She recently told The Evening Standard she’s a fan of the UK band Artic Monkeys, saying, “The Arctic Monkeys write poems. They are great lyric writers.” Meanwhile, she’s also doing what she can to help in Haiti, hosting a poetry live aid event tomorrow night at Westminister’s Central Hall. “We turn to poetry at intense moments in our lives,” Duffy says. “It is the perfect art form for public or private grief.”

This September, a new book will hit shelves that might just interest you or someone you know. It also just might feature you or someone you know. The L Life by author/activist Erin McHugh has just released its jacket cover today, and it already looks pretty impressive. Interviewees include the cover girls below and Christine Vachon, congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Ziff. I mean, aren’t these women living the ultimate “L Life”?

Reason #431 I love Twitter: I find out about things, like live chats with biographers of famous lesbian women. The New Yorker had a live chat with Joan Schenkar yesterday afternoon, and I jumped write in to ask her questions about Patricia Highsmith, who she just wrote a 600 page biography about. (It’s really awesome and really gay, by the way.) One thing I had to know: Who would play Pat in a movie about her life? “I have an unlikely choice for her seductive years — and it’s Sandra Bullock whom I actually saw ACT in the second Truman Capote film,” Joan said. “Also, Miss Bullock shares an ethnic mix with Pat: Texan/German. Of course, any of the English or Australian Kates could do it because they can do anything.” I’m down for any of the above. Can this film start happening now? We’ll need to start casting Pat’s 300 lovers soon if we want it to be done by the year 2025.

And to conclude her press tour this week, Rosie O’Donnell gave a great performance on last night’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Must. watch. Also, the documentary A Family Is a Family Is a Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration airs on HBO this Sunday, January 31, at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Check back on Monday for our review.

Have a great weekend!

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