Styled Out: The fashion industry helps in Haiti


The fashion industry doesn’t have the best reputation for “giving back” and in the wake of everything, I’d like to give a few shout outs while simultaneously nodding you in the right direction with those tax refunds that will soon be burning in your pockets. You can have your cake and eat it, too.

Hooray for Lindsay Lohan, joining in with all the other humanitarian minded celebs and celesbians alike in the wake of the tragedy over seas in Haiti. That’s right: Girl has gone and out did herself and is donating all proceeds from her “Fame” leggings to the Save the Children fund, which as the name pretty much says, is an organization working hard specifically for the benefit of the children impacted by the devastation. The organization is also favored by Calvin Klein. You have to give it to Linds — she’s behaving exceptionally graciously considering her own personal woes.

All stocked up on silver spandex? No worries, it’s hard not to like Tom’s Shoes and this already generous corporation upped their street cred. by matching every $5 donation made through Partners Through Health during the first 48 hours of the crisis. He followed that up by teaming up to host an additional fundraiser with label Trovata last week. Keeping in true Tom’s style, the event was chic and affordable, with a no-pressure minimum donation of $5, with the hope that folks would be able to throw down a bit more at the cocktail event.


I’d like to give an honorable mention to Brooklyn designers Love Brigade (a personal favorite), Alisha Trimble, SHAG Brooklyn, Brooklyn Royalty among others who banded together over the weekend to throw a silent auction in one of New York’s most happening of hot spots, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Give those hipsters a reason to feel important and fashionable!

Love Brigade

I highly suggest any of these retailers on the regular, because if you’re privy to the best boutiques in Brooklyn, they are among them and their generosity just wants me to rack up my credit card some more when I pop in for a visit.

These savvy stitchers have seriously stepped up to the plate. How have you been inspired?