Morning Brew: Tuesday, Jan. 26


Good day to you, gay women!

Kristen Stewart told E! News that her Runaways kiss with Dakota Fanning wasn’t too romantic. “It’s just something we did. We had so many other really crazy things that we were intimidated by, like, we had a performance that day, so when that came up on the schedule we were like, ‘Whoa!’ But then, ‘Alright, whatever’. It was sort of just like another thing.” Considering the other film she’s repping at Sundance (Welcome to the Riley’s) had her playing a stripper, a kissing scene is obviously shrug-worthy in comparison. Or maybe she just kisses girls so frequently, it was no big deal at all.

Before US Weekly, there was Confidential, which was a magazine in the ’50s reporting on the day’s scandals and rumors. A new book about the publication’s heyday just came out, and author Henry E. Scott notes that one of the “scandals” of the time was about actress Lizabeth Scott and her lesbian tendencies. “They never came out and said she was a lesbian but when they print she ‘prefers the company of baritone babes,’ it makes the point,” Henry E. Scott said. I think I’d like to reinstate that as a way to refer to being a lesbian. “Hi, I’m Trish, and I prefer the company of baritone babes, if you know what I’m saying.”

Liz Scott (R) with “The Company She Keeps” co-star Jane Greer (L)

Aussie singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte understands the gay dollar fanbase and is trying to capitalize reach out to us with her song, “Love Like This.” The video for the single, which will be released Feb. 2, will include “gay and lesbian community members and their families to appear alongside fellow celebrity ambassadors such as The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies, The Today Show’s Richard Reid and performer Courtney Act.” She’s certainly well meaning, as it’s all part of a campaign for Wear it With Pride which attempts to “raise awareness about federal Government law reforms for same-sex couples.” Still, it doesn’t ensure the song will be any good. Cross your fingers!

On the UK soap Doctors this week, Immie (Charlie Clemmow) makes friends with an older woman named Elise at art school and then comes out as a lesbian. In a recent interview, Charlie said “After what happened with Lewis, she doesn’t trust men. It’s a great storyline, although I was nervous that my first screen kiss was going to be with a girl!” Not a huge fan of the “lesbian because I don’t trust men, now” theme, but I suppose I’ll just consider that her “aha moment.”

Good news: Lisa Cholodenko‘s film The Kids Are All Right (the one with Julianne Moore and Annette Benning playing partners) is getting rave reviews. I can feel some distribution in its future!

Julianne Moore with Mia Wasikowska, who plays her daughter in the film

If you’re in the L.A. area this weekend, you have to check out’s One Night Stand Up at the Long Beach Center Theater. It’s your chance to see Gloria Bigelow, Cat Davis, Liz Feldman, Bridget McManus and Jennie McNulty all in one night! The show will be taped for Logo, so the rest of us can catch it sometime this year.

Lastly, Rosie O’Donnell is on a huge press tour this week, including the announcement that she’ll be making her stand-up return at this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend. You can catch her performing Friday, April 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. And if you missed her on Oprah yesterday, check out our recap later today.

Until tomorrow!

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