RachelWatch: The Furor over Scott Brown’s Seat


Today: Obama gets populist, Rachel talks about killing the filibuster and the nation flips out over a made-up scandal.

“Fight” Night

Rachel led off with Obama’s speech in Ohio and his populist tack against the banks.

The Republicans, in spite of a lot of populist rhetoric, seem to be lining up to defend the banks against a mean old tax on million-dollar bonuses.

That would be a tough public relations slog if it weren’t for the fact that they’re up against the Democrats, who will wussbag themselves out of a victory in no time. Republicans could throw their support behind Ming the Merciless and the Democrats would figure out a way to accidentally make him seem like a hard-workin’ champion of the common Earthling.

Pass Interference

Rachel put her own health at risk by looking at the Democrat plans for salvaging health care reform, which, as she pointed out, seem to depend on a good-faith effort by the Republicans to actually help pass something when they have specifically said out loud and in writing that they won’t.

Criminy, Democrats, how many times do you have to put your hands on the stove to figure out that it’s hot? You have staffers! If you can’t remember from day to day, have them hold up little signs each morning!




Rachel scoffed at the idea that passing smaller chunks of health care reform will help, but I disagree with her. I think the Republicans could be forced to take embarrassing public stands against popular positions if the Democrats really used their backbones and media savvy to…

Oh. Right. Carry on.

Rachel welcomed Tim Noah of Slate to talk about the “nuclear option” of killing the filibuster. If nothing else, politics should get very interesting over the next couple of months.

The People v. Roeder

Friday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which means it was also the annual March for Life.

This year politicians could send avatars to the “Virtual March for Life” which is the laziest, most pathetic excuse for activism I’ve ever heard of. I’m on the opposite side of the issue and I’m still disgusted by it. I hope their virtual participation earns them some virtual campaign donations next time around. Maybe they’d like Farmville money?

Rachel welcomed Devin Friedman of GQ to talk about Scott Roeder, the accused murderer of Dr. George Tiller.

Friedman said Roeder was open about plotting Tiller’s murder for years, and that Roeder was keyed into a lot of completely false fringe “knowledge” about Tiller. Just in case anyone was wondering why nerds tend to get a little jumpy when, for example, the Texas school board tries to jigger ideas about what we can call legitimate information.

Earthquake in Haiti

Rachel noted that Haitians in Port-au-Prince can’t trust the stability of the few buildings that are still standing, which means hundreds of thousands of people are now living outside.

Haiti is in the process of setting up tent cities around Port-au-Prince, with plans to later hire the residents to build new permanent housing.

Rachel also showed a report from NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman in Jacmel and took a look at the USNS Comfort, which is now operating at full capacity.


Rachel reported that new Senator Scott Brown (R – Massachusetts) said he’d been to Washington, D.C. before, and that as a history buff, he went to the Museum of Natural History.

Which is sort of like going to the Air and Space Museum because you’re an oxygen buff.

Thanks, Massachusetts!

Seat Brown Now

Rachel introduced us to an exciting new kind of journalism in which one thinks up a not-true story that could happen – well, assuming we live in an infinite universe – and then you create real outrage about it even though it’s not actually happening.

By the way, wouldn’t it be awful if seating Scott Brown would tip some sort of balance that means we can only elect people named Brown from now on?

Rita Mae Brown! Bobby Brown! Bobbi Brown! Helen Gurley Brown! Sweet Georgia Brown! Is that who you want running your country? Why do so many of them have three names? Can we at least get A. Whitney Brown to run, or is he already secretly Evan Bayh? To the Interwebs!

Earthquake in Haiti

Rachel ended with the amazing story of two earthquake survivors who were rescued after more than ten days of being trapped.

Haiti still needs both immediate and long-term aid, so there’s still time to help. Go to Hope for Haiti Now, call 1-877-99HAITI, or go to the TRMS website for more information.

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