Morning Brew: Thursday, Jan. 21


Hello, Thursday! One day closer to Friday.

Just a note: Ali Davis is out sick today so no RachelWatch. Guess you’ll just have to watch the show yourself!

Courtenay Semel talked with E! about how she began dating the late Casey Johnson, and her ideas about how Casey died. (“I definitely think she was on drugs.”) Also, she says there was no “love” between Casey and Tila Tequila. writes that this type of media coverage could actually be positive for lesbians, noting:

In the interview, Semel talks about her regrets, her love, and her grief over Johnson’s death, which humanizes the late socialite and underscores the authenticity of her sexual orientation and her feelings toward women a hell of a lot more than the publicity machine of Tila Tequila’s tear-streaked cleavage and scratch-off lottery tickets ever could. Additionally, Semel’s interview may demonstrate that we’ve finally moved beyond “Yep I’m gay” type celebrity coverage, that the love lives and scandals of famous gay people have crossed over into the mainstream, making them fodder for tabloid consumption right alongside those of heterosexuals. (“Lesbians: Just like us”?) Maybe it’s not “progress”, per se, but it’s something.

I could agree with that — and then I watched this:

Sigh. sat down with Anyone But Me stars Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent to talk about their Indie Soap nominations and other choice tidbits about their characters and personal lives.

Lucy Lawless will be doing a live chat today at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on Get your Bitch Slap questions ready!

The ultra-queer friendly Peaches was in Australia for some performances this week and she talked with The Star Observer about her status as a lesbian icon. “The gay scene is always ahead of everybody else,” the I Feel Cream artist said. “They were the first people to embrace what I did.” That’s right — we love the teaches of Peaches.

Out lesbian artist Kaylah Marin has a hit song on her hands. Her single “On the Floor (Oh Baby Please)” has reached number 9 on the Billboard Dance Charts this week. It’s also worth noting that the top two spots on the Top 100 are occupied by bisexual pop stars Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.

Vivian Vance, aka Ethel from I Love Lucy, wrote an unpublished autobiography that tackled the lesbian rumors surrounding her friendship with Lucille Ball. Here’s an excerpt, as published in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Lucille Ball and I were just like sisters. We adored each other’s company. She and I had so many laughs on “I Love Lucy” that we could hardly get through filming without cracking up. Then I began hearing that Lucille and I were too close. My first husband disapproved of my closeness with Lucille. “People are talking about you two,” he’d say. “You ought to be careful about the hugging and kissing you do on the show.”

The word in Pacific Palisades, where I lived, was that something was wrong with me, something my analyst wouldn’t tell me about. That sent me leaping into my car and driving 30 miles to talk to my analyst, Dr. Steele. “Is there anything the matter with me that you’ve never told me?” I wanted to know. Dr. Steele reassured me there wasn’t.

See you later.

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