Morning Brew: Wednesday, Jan. 20


Happy Hump Day!

On last night’s episode of Scrubs (“Our True Lies”), a lesbian patient visited the hospital. I know — it’s pretty insane. Dr. Turk (Donald Faison) couldn’t concentrate on her ulcerative colitis. because he kept picturing things like “Lesbian Island.” I should have known this would end badly when the casting call was looking for “[NICOLE] – 25, a stunningly beautiful lipstick lesbian.” Seriously, in the medical profession, this is the first time a doctor has “dealt with” a lesbian patient? Move to Seattle, buddy.

You can watch the whole episode, complete with many, many lesbian jokes, on

Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue told the press she “fancies girls” as well as men, but is quick to say she has never “done anything” with a woman. Did Kylie think she was being interviewed by Barbara Walters?

Are you a fan of the web series Lovers & Friends Show? You’ll be happy to know that Wolfe Video will be releasing seasons 1 and 2 in February. You can pre-order your own copy of the lesbian urban drama now — and I do mean drama!

Bravo’s series Millionaire Matchmaker is back for a new season and the matchmaker herself, Patti Stranger is going to be setting up and gay and lesbian clients for the first time. She told AOL TV: “Maybe I should call Ellen on that one and ask her for help. I was on her show once, and maybe she could help me because she’s an expert. She’s always got a hotty-fertotty on her shoulder. She’s never alone for more than five minutes.” Portia is a total hotty-fertotty, and I’m sure Ellen could give great advice on how to nail a HF of your very own.

Rosie O’Donnell‘s whole family came to the premiere of her documentary A Family is a Family, including her ex, Kelli Carpenter. No new girlfriends were in sight, but there were a lot of children.

A test screen viewer of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World seemed to enjoy it. I can’t wait to see Mae Whitman in action as Roxy Richter, the lesbian ex of Scott Pilgrim’s love interest. Unfortunately, the film won’t be in theaters until August. What a tease!


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