Morning Brew: Tuesday, Jan. 19


Good morning, gay women!

First point of business: Lady Sovereign is officially out of the closet. You can watch a clip of her talking about coming out and dating women with her Celebrity Big Brother housemate, thanks to AE reader plooeyadmas.

Unfortunately, Sov was voted off the show this week, but she did give us a Tweet, which indicates that she’s out of the house and, unless I’m reading too far into it, ready to be out of the closet for good. Welcome to the club, Sov!

Dakota Fanning is on the cover of V Magazine and she tells the fashion mag that she is happy about how her sexy scene in The Runaways with co-star Kristen Stewart turned out. “I really enjoyed doing that subject matter for the first time in a biopic, because it really happened — it’s not just a made-up story about a 15-year-old kid running wild,” Dakota said. How cute — a lesbian kiss being called “subject matter.” If that’s the case, then I am glad she feels like she nailed that subject. is featuring Jane Lynch‘s many turns at voiceovers in her career — including several commercials and animated series. My favorite has to be “Stalking Tony the Tiger.”

AE reader Tess said she stumbled upon this upcoming documentary and we’re so glad she did. Off and Running is about a Brooklyn teen named Avery who grew up “with white Jewish lesbians for parents and two adopted brothers” but wants to find her birth mother. It looks pretty intense. Check it out in theaters Jan. 29. Here’s the trailer:

Director Wes Anderson‘s new writing project will be an English version of the 2006 French film, My Best Friend. The movie is about a guy who has no friends, and his lesbian business partner “challenges him to produce a true and convincing friend in 10 days or he has to give up his expensive Greek friendship vase he just purchased.” Sounds simple enough right? Can’t wait to hear who will be cast in the role of the antique-hungry gay woman Catherine. I would not be opposed to seeing the original, played by Julie Gayet. She was practically born for the role.

The Skinny has a funny column about coming out to people you don’t know, especially when you don’t “look gay.” Some funny suggestions on how to do that? Sporting an “I (heart) kd lang” badge or saying “”Hi, I’d like to pay this cheque into my account, and I also like to have sex with girls.” Visibility!

OK so Spike TV doesn’t exactly try to pander to lesbians, but their new show, Blue Mountain State, is, as one review states, true “Man TV.” And since I haven’t seen the show, which follows three Midwestern college guys, I’m not exactly sure if the fact that one of the main characters’ girlfriend is “secretly a lesbian” so she “refuses his advances” is funny or makes her a weird closet case. Her name is Denise and she’s played by Gabrielle Dennis, which might make the situation better in any case.

Speaking of awesome television, tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club follows some of the women going to Girl Bar with the bisexual housemate Flo. After one of the women is “uncomfortable” and another says Flo either “likes the cooter” or, er, something else about the cooter, Flo gets upset and is later asked to leave the house. Here’s a preview:

I mean, really, is there anything else better? God, I hope so.

And today on, join in for a discussion on the Prop. 8 trial with constitutional law professor Geoff Stone, live at 11 a.m. EST. Ask anything you want, and find out more than you probably thought you wanted to know.

See you tomorrow!

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