Morning Brew: Friday, Jan. 15


Happy Friday!

In November, I told you that Law & Order was going to rip the David Letterman scandal from the headlines and put a lesbian twist to it for an upcoming episode. Tonight, Samantha Bee plays the lesbian Letterman, aka a famous talk show personality who has secret affairs with several women who work under her, and one of them end up dead. Here’s a preview for the episode, “Blackmail,” where two of the women plot revenge against their former employer.

Speaking of Law and Order, Sarah Paulson was on SVU this week, playing both sides of the victim/suspect coin. I won’t ruin it for you, in case you have to catch th re-run, but it’s not a spoiler to say she looked good. The episode is called “Shadow,” so find it on your Tivo.

Check out the new video for Tegan and Sara‘s song with DJ Tiesto, “Feel it in My Bones.” It’s techy and trippy.

Are you a fan of Superbad or Seth Rogen in general? Apparently he learned his earliest comedy bits from a class at a lesbian bar in Vancouver. He was only 13-years-old, which means he must have not had much facial hair and could pass easily as a baby dyke.

Is it easier to be a lesbian in the city? The Frisky’s Nikki Dowling doesn’t think so. She writes that, despite living in a huge metropolis, she still runs into homophobes: “Prejudiced people are everywhere, and guess what? That includes major cities with large gay populations.”

Check out part two of our interview with Lucy Lawless on the writer’s own website. What, you missed part one? Get ahold of yourself, woman!

A few TV alerts: Lady Gaga is on Oprah today, Sigourney Weaver is hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow night and Sunday is the Golden Globes. Root for Angela Robinson, who is nominated as part of the writing team for the HBO series Hung. The sooner she wins, the sooner she can back to working on Girl Trash, people.

And today is the last you have to vote in our Lesbian/Bi People’s Choice Awards. I can’t wait to see who wins Best Morning Brew Writer. That’s a write-in category I’ve created, of course.

See you Monday morning!

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