Morning Brew: Wednesday, Jan. 13


Hump day, hump day, hump day!

We’ve got a post on the GLAAD Award nominees, so make sure to check it out. Lots of quality lesbians are up for awards, as is our brother site

In other good news, The Runaways movie has gotten a release pick-up. It’ll hit theaters March 19. Yes!

First Italy, now Brazil — thank god for Big Brother. AE reader Mel sent us a tip on the South American country’s new season and their resident lesbian housemate Angélica. From the page translation, I can tell you that she recently got out of a long distance relationship (“Dating the distance is difficult, we were very jealous and did everything together. When life changed completely, it was lacking.”) and that she will become involved with someone in the house. She also enjoys Penelope Cruz and Sam Ronson‘s favorite lezbro John Mayer.

Got some ink? GO Magazine is hosting a tattoo competition and you could win in one of several categories, including Best Tramp Stamp and Best Sleeve. You have until Feb. 15 to enter — or to get a tattoo, if you want to enter but need something to send in. May I suggest that you get a proper translation and spelling of something foreign if you’re going for the Best Word Art tat?

Emily Rios has just started showing up as Maria, a lesbian employee at Ray Romano‘s party supply store on his new TNT series, Men of a Certain Age. You might remember her from Quinceañera, and it’s great to have a Mexican-American lesbian character on TV. Let’s hope she sticks around!

There’s a fun interview with Ming-Na on where she talks about how she only took the lesbian part in SGU after finding out it wasn’t “gimmicky.” “I wanted to make sure it was respectful and that there would be moments whether she flashes back to her partner or something that has reference to it, and it not be just be a little gimmick,” she said. “They assured me of that that point and I felt really excited to take on that extra layer of her character.” She also answers the question “Is Camille one of those suited-up power dykes?” In short: Pretty much.

Simon Cowell is officially leaving American Idol after this season, so EW has put together a list of suggested replacements. My favorite addition is Linda Perry. Two lesbians on one judging panel? Could Randy Jackson handle it?

What does it mean to be a lesbian? It’s about loving someone, according to The F Word with Laura Flanders.

And in a completely NSFW video, check out the cast of Better off Ted insulting one another very creatively. Portia de Rossi — you’re so dirty!

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