New Music Tuesday: 1-12-2010


I’m not terribly enthused about any of this week’s new releases but I did get a chance to see Rachael Cantu perform live last night and that probably filled up my good music quota for the week. Let’s get to the new music shall we?

Laura VeirsJuly Flame (Raven Marching Band)

Dreamy indie-pop that reminds me of my college days when I wanted to make out with all the girls wearing glasses in my women’s studies class. This is great music to read a good book to, do yoga stretches and write in your leather-bound notebook.

LightsThe Ice Pack (Doghouse)

Pop music with a pretty face. If you’ve got tickets to see Owl City sometime in the near future, Lights will be entertaining you as the opener. She describes her music as “intergalactic-electro” and I’d have to agree! The synths have an old-school Atari game sound to them and her voice is reminiscent of Ashlee Simpson (to my ears at least).

Heidi MontagSuperficial (Warner Music)

Terrible. Just awful, but in the best way. I know this will end up getting played at the clubs and I’m sure I’ll end up shaking my ass to it thinking, “Who is this?” Someone will tell me and I will feel only a little bit of shame. It’s formulaic, I could care less about the lyrics and that damn auto-tune has reared its ugly head back onto another album. Still, you can dance to it and therefore your best gay boy friend will totally get you to sing it with him in the car. Mark my words.

Alright kids, let me have it!

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