Morning Brew: Monday, Jan. 11


Good morning, Mondayers!

First, I’d like to congratulate blogger and personal friend of mine, Jen Sabella on her new position as the Chicago editor of the Huffington Post. Way to gay up the mainstream media, Jen, one gay at a time. Don’t worry — she claims she’ll still have some time to write some for AE but I refuse to let her if she gets less sleep than Karman and me.

UK actress Hayley Tamaddon (Emmerdale) is appearing on the reality series Dancing on Ice, so of course, she is talking to the press about things like once having to do a “lesbian kiss” on the soap Shameless. “The kiss didn’t bother me,” Hayely said. “Rebecca [Atkinson] is beautiful, we just had a giggle. It was great fun.” If someone ever giggled after giving me a lesbian kiss, I might confused or offended. Let this be a lesson to you, baby dykes: No LOLing after making out.

Do you need a great break-up song to sing along and cry to? Hailey Wojcik‘s “Anglerfish” is that song. The revenge tune is about an ex-girlfriend that left her for a guy, and it’s pretty hilarious and catchy. (Hat tip, here’s to light!)

In other music news, lesbian hip-hop duo Team Gina have broken up. In an official press release, Gina Bling said, “I just really need to focus on my domestic duties—embroidering baby onesies and U-Hauling with my girlfriend. You know.” They will play their last show ever on Jan. 31 with L.A.-based band Punk Bunny. has listed its top 10 sex scenes of the decade and Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in Mullholland Dr. is #10. And while Bijou Phillips and Anne Hathaway don’t actually do it in Havoc, their clip has a fun conversation about how they might be meant to be together, instead of doing it with creepy gang members.

Ruby Rose and model Catherine McNeil are reportedly engaged, after posting the news on Facebook. Ruby wrote on her profile, “Woof Woof Rose is engaged to Meow Meow McNeil.” Let’s hope that’s not how she proposed. reader Livia tipped us off to a lesbian relationship going down on Italian Big Brother. Housemates Sarah and Veronica have been openly kissing, cuddling and discussing their experiences with women on the show. Be Italian!

Katharine McPhee recently chatted with LGBT publication Night Timez and said she had a “cliche crush” on Megan Fox. “Sometimes she’s a little too vulgar for me with the things she says, but she’s a gorgeous woman,” Kat said, echoing my thoughts exactly.

Speaking of Megan Fox, Diablo Cody told reporters that she thinks Jennifer’s Body failed because it wasn’t marketed toward teenage girls. “It was marketed mostly to boys and I think we could have had a large female audience that was ignored,” she said. “I have faith … The DVD came out and I’ve heard from an avalanche of people saying ‘I didn’t think I would like this movie, and I’ve watched the DVD five times.’ Now I’m thinking, you missed it the first time around and you’re getting your opportunity to enjoy it.” That and now you can slow down the kissing scene to decide if Amanda Seyfried liked it much more than she let on.

You can now watch a preview of Lindsay Lohan‘s BBC documentary, Lindsay Lohan in India, where she works with kids and teens who are poverty-stricken and forced into prostitution. I’m really hoping this has a happy ending.

See you tomorrow!