Morning Brew: Jan. 7, 2010


Hey you!

Based on this review of Bitch Slap in Reuters, I am now fully convinced that anyone in the free world can find something awesome about this film — especially lesbians. “How many bitch slaps are too many? How many cat fights will spoil a litter box?” Retuers writes. Who else but gay women could answer these inquires? (Depends on the bitch, depends on the cats.)

Thanks to AE reader Lauren, I am now even more jealous of those heading to Salt Lake City at the end of this month. One of the films playing at Slamdance, The Four-Faced Liar, is about two women in straight relationships who end up falling for one another. The trailer looks awesome. You can watch it at the Slamdance website. I dare you to watch the trailer and tell me it looks like it sucks.

Does Kirstie Alley ping your gaydar? has her on their list of celebrities they are waiting to come out. Ruining their credibility is including Megan Fox on the list. Where you been, YourTango? Not on

Brandi Carlile has started up the Fight the Fear Campaign prompted by the rape and murder of Seattle lesbian Teresa Butz last year. The campaign aims to teach women self-defense, and Brandi and the Indigo Girls have recorded a song to help raise awareness. (Hat tip, Kelly!)

Did you enjoy Heather/StuntDouble’s lesbian board game ideas yesterday? You weren’t alone.

Precious received a ton of nominations at the NAACP Awards this year, including Paula Patton being up for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her role as lesbian teacher Ms. Rain. I’m wondering if all these nominations will convince Ms. Patton that she is a very convincing gay woman, and she might reconsider her sexuality. Waking up from my dream starting — now.

Also, Wanda Sykes is on The Ellen Show today and Rachel Maddow visits with David Letterman tonight.

Until tomorrow!

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