Morning Brew: Wednesday, Jan. 6


What’s up, gaydies?

American Idol has released press shots of the new judging team, complete with the greatest and gayest addition of Ellen DeGeneres.

Speaking of Ellen, her wifey’s Better off Ted co-star Jay Harrington recently told The Boston Herald that he loves Portia. “She’s awesome — a great person,” he said. “In fact, my mom and I went to Portia and Ellen’s house to watch the Ted premiere. My mother loved it.” I’m always available for viewing parties at the Degeneres/de Rossi house. Just putting that out there.

The UK is getting caught up on the new season of Heroes, which means it’s time for Hayden Panettiere to talk more about her kissing scene with Madeline Zima. Hayden says: “It’s a very interesting relationship because there’s a little bit of a flirting with, ‘Are we friends? Are we more? Do I have feelings for you in that way?’ That’s the relationship so far and where exactly it’s going, I have no idea.” OK, so we’re not alone. I’d really like to ignore this next quote, but I can’t. Hayden also told the press: “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” The song that refuses to die!

Mischa Barton is going to play a hooker named Gladys on the new season of Law & Order: SVU. I’m thinking this would be a good one to play straight, Mischa. I’m hoping Gladys isn’t a lesbian or bisexual teen — unless Olivia Wilde is also willing to sign on for the episode.

Comic Book Resources has a list of things they can’t wait for in 2010, including the conclusion of Buffy: Season 8. CBR commentator Steve Sunsu wrote, “Joss Whedon once said at a panel at SDCC 2008 that in his projects, ‘You’re either out or you’re dead.’ With Buffy already having her lesbian experience, I fully expect him to fulfill this prophecy and kill at least one beloved character.” Time will tell — but I’m also hoping that Buffy could have more than one “experience” in her future.

In other comic news, Batwoman is among the 10 Great Female Book Characters of the Decade. Duh.

Hey Tweeters — you can now follow Kelly Clarkson. You know, in case she wants to make any announcements.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be on reality TV, then here’s a great show for you! “Trendy, extroverted members of the LGBT Community” are being sought out for a new dating show. Nope — you won’t be dating anyone: You’ll be a “wingwoman” to “helpless daters.” Well, at least we’re being recognized as romance experts. That’s a new one.

Have a nice Wednesday!

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