Morning Brew: Tuesday, Jan. 5


Good morning, Brewsters.

First, R.I.P. lesbian feminist writer and activist Mary Daly.

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother is underway in the UK and one of the contestants is MC Lady Sovereign. Although she’s not out, the house’s “big mouth,” Davina McCall, has referred to Sov as a lesbian at least twice now. If you aren’t in the UK, you can follow the movement in the house on the show’s Twitter. So far, Sov has kept her PJs on and washed some dishes. She hasn’t made out with any female castmates — yet.

Tegan and Sara are collaborating with Margaret Cho on a song for the comedian/actress/musician’s upcoming album. Amanda Palmer and Patty Griffin will also make cameos.

Speaking of music news, Uh Huh Her tweeted that they will have their album finished this winter for a spring release.

Out lesbian comedian Carol Leifer will hopefully not be hearing the Donald’s famous “You are fired” on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. She will appear as a contestant alongside the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne and Sinbad when the show starts up again in March.

The new season of South African drama Society has lesbian character Beth finally coming out to her friends and family. Apparently, her parents then try to “change her mind,” but Beth decides to go to the gay pride parade instead. Bad news comes later, though, when she finds out her girlfriend, Thuli, is cheating on her. 2010 is just not her year so far.

Sibulele Gcilitshana as Beth

Way to vote, Otalia fans. Guiding Light‘s lesbian couple won’s Best Soap Couple of the Year. They write: “The fire between Chappell’s Olivia and Leccia’s Natalia … was enough to burn those damn cookies Natalia was forever baking in the kitchen of the late Hart Jessup’s old farm house.” Too bad that fire never got a chance to, uh, burn.

Have a totally great Tuesday.

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