Morning Brew: Monday, Jan. 4


Happy 2010! Did you miss us?

I have to share this awesome tidbit with you, because reader Jerry shared it with me. Slasher film actress Tucky Williams (Dead Moon Rising, Shadows Light) is writing and starring in a new lesbian web series, Girl/Girl Scene.

Tucky as Evan — the new Shane?

The actress (who says she loves Tegan and Sara) said of the series: “Once The L Word was canceled, it left this huge hole in the market. We’re filling that need, and them some. Girl/Girl Scene is raunchier, grittier, and sexier. I wanted to see a show that depicted what life was like for me and my friends — queers who have thrown heteronormativity out the window and never looked back.” Wait, you mean this isn’t The Real L Word?

Here’s a fun puzzle for L Word and Queer as Folk fans, courtesy of PuzzleHub. I don’t see Papi on there, but that might have been too easy. says they think Portia and Ellen have some “staying power,” naming them one of the Couples We Can Still Believe In. What, no Sam and Lindsay?

Speaking of Ellen, she was named PETA’s Woman of the Year for being the animal lover and avid vegan that she is. Alongside man of the year (also gay Tim Gunn), PETA said, “Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless.”

Film site polled 100 bloggers and critics about the best films of the decade and the lesbianoic David Lynch movie Mullholland Dr. won best drama. They didn’t say, but I’m sure D.E.B.S was a close second.

2010 marks the year of the lesbian relationship on 90210. Jessica Lowndes recently said her character Adrianna will start to question her sexuality upon meeting Gia, and that Gia (Rumer Willis) makes her “feel good.” “I think once you see the friendship, you’ll understand the sweetness of it all,” Lowndes said. “It doesn’t start out as romantic, because Adrianna’s got Navid. Gia’s in a situation with her ex-girlfriend, so Adrianna gives her a little kiss, then it develops into something more!” Need I remind you that Mandy Musgrave plays Gia’s ex. We’ll keep you posted on when you actually need to tune in.

Even better news for Skins fans: Naomi and Emily get down in the new novel. There’s an excerpt on the official site and here’s a clue at what you can expect: Phones and dirty talk.

Do you want Jackie Warner to come over? Well, first, you have to be at least 21. Second, you have to be willing to let Jackie “CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Bravo is now looking for real people “with real issues” that want the celesbian trainer to help you with your diet and exercise routine for her new show Thintervention. Hm, it sounds very similar to ex-business partner Jillian Michaels‘ new show.

Lesbian comic book illustrator Cat Staggs has a piece called “Darcy” in the newly published One Night Stand. The one-page comic is just one of the book’s several on casual encounters, which a very reliable source tells me has “straight sex, random hook ups both lesbian and straight and there is even a threesome thrown in a time or two. So, a little something for everyone, lesbian and bisexual.” Thanks Amanda!

BBC News presenter Jane Hill recently came out in an issue of Ariel magazine. Hill has lived with her partner Sara (a camerawoman) for a year in North London, whom an anonymous colleague said “seems to be the one.” No word on if that colleague is, in fact, Sara herself.

If you aren’t already watching The Guild, the awesomely geeky web series starring Felicia Day, then you might want to start. AE reader Rachel tipped us off that there is a developing relationship between Venom and Riley. Things could get messy, though, as their guilds are total rivals. But yeah, there’s definitely a kiss in the season 3 finale, which you can watch below.

<a href=";fg=Xbox_Channel_guild_player_final&amp;vid=2090d74c-bc07-4300-916c-4c15520ba718" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','']);" target="_new" title="'The Guild' season 3 finale">Video: ‘The Guild’ season 3 finale</a>

A good start for a great new year. TTYL.