Visions of loveliness: Our favorite glasses-wearing women


You know the scene: An uptight, humorless woman, usually a librarian or secretary, is nearing the end of an evening with a rakish, attractive man. After a few drinks, she unclips her hair and shakes her head to let her gorgeous locks flow free. The man reaches up and gently removes her glasses to reveal the vixen underneath.

Silly man. He thinks she will be sexier without the specs, when anyone who really knows women (like, for example, readers) understands that glasses make a girl hotter. And that warms our hearts, among other things.

A few years ago, we treated you to a holiday spec-tacular collection of our favorite women in glasses. In celebration of the decade, we decided an update is in order — a visibility list of a different sort.

We start with the woman whose public persona is practically synonymous with glasses: Tina Fey. Oh Tina, why do you have to be straight?

If you think Kate Beckinsale always looks better in leather, think about this.

That’s Kate playing herself, the girl who studied French and Russian literature at Oxford. Magnifique!

Glasses even make Megan Fox look smart. That’s good, Megan. Don’t speak.

Chloë Sevigny always manages to look adorable, but check out these specs. Just. Wow.

Courtesy of Dorothy Snarker comes tantalizing Tilda Swinton, who donned her glasses just in time to see that the stud she was about to French kiss is actually a horse. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This photo makes me wonder: Just how much better would Serena Williams play if she could see the ball?

Drew Barrymore went a little Marilyn in this shot. Hello, angel.

In case we ever decide to vote people in to the les-bi club, I nominate Penelope Cruz in these eyeglasses. All in favor?

OK, Leighton Meester just made me realize that the scene I started with might not be so silly after all — if the scoundrel slipping off her glasses happens to be named Serena.

And of course, we can’t leave out our Sapphic goddess and savior, Rachel Maddow.

I could go on — and on — but we’re supposed to take a holiday break around here, so I’ll leave the rest of the list to you. Which lasses with glasses catch your eye? If you have pictures or links, feel free to share. And happy holidays!

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