Morning Brew: Wednesday, Dec. 23


The last Morning Brew of 2009!

In some really awesome news (hat tip, katemc39!), Batwoman will be getting her very own comic book series. As in, the title itself will be “Batwoman,” not just part of the Detective Comics’ regular series. Greg Rucka said he and co-creator J.H. Williams are working on it as their next big thing for the new year. Kate Kane in 2010!

Kumbia Queers is a band that puts “lesbian lyrics” to the punk sounds of The Ramones, Black Sabbath and The Cure, while also embracing the Latin American art of cumbia. I just love that Reuters actually reported a story that included the description of the frontwoman’s red bra and a song that goes, “She is my metal girl, my ideal girl, even if she can’t dance.”

Australia’s SX News talks with JD Samson about growing up in Cleveland, her love of film, and Le Tigre. A description of herself: “JD Samson is a human who cares a lot and tries very hard at everything JD Samson does.”

Why are so many people worried about if Carrie Bradshaw is a feminist icon? I mean, Miranda Hobbes clearly is. has a list of the top grossing LGBT films of the decade. The Hours and Monster are numbers 3 and 4, Rent at 6, Frida at 8 and Notes on a Scandal at 9. About half the list has lesbian characters in the film. Of course, some of the positivity coming out of them (see: Monster, Notes on a Scandal) is debatable.

Speaking of lists, Flavorwire has created one stereotyping people by their favorite bands. Tegan & Sara: “Lesbians and guys who firmly believe that when there are two girls on stage together, there is a 63% chance of them making out.” The XX: “Blog enthusiasts who thought wearing a keffiyeha was awesome.” CSS: “Girls who throw up at every party.” And if you can’t decide between two bands, you’re probably just a mix of the two: A lesbian who throws up at every party.

If you missed out lesbian newswoman Jane Velez-Mitchell on Dr. Phil the first time around, you can watch the episode again tomorrow. Nothing like talking about alcoholism and ex-boyfriends on Christmas Eve.

Megan Fox enthusiasts: Jennifer’s Body is being released on DVD next Tuesday. I have a feeling the at home sales will be a little bit higher than the box office stats.

An adaptation of Joanna Briscoe‘s erotic thriller Sleep With Me, featuring a seductive bisexual chracter Sylvie Lavigne, will air on ITV1 in the UK on New Years Eve. She stirs up trouble for a familiar face — Jodhi May (Flo in Tipping the Velvet), who plays Lelia Phillips. Lelia and her hubby just can’t resist Sylive’s charms. Mhm!

Have a great holiday and New Year, lesbians and bisexual women! Don’t throw up at too many parties.

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