Brittany Murphy played bisexual in one of her last films


Thanks to AE reader Meshell Snow, we now know that one of Brittany Murphy‘s last roles included a gay writer. Deadline was released on DVD on Dec. 1 and Brittany played a screenwriter who leaves her girlfriend (played by Tammy Blanchard) to finish her screenplay in a secluded country home. Her character, Alice, begins seeing ghosts, including one played by Thora Birch. (Seriously, how did this go straight to DVD?)

Meshell noted that Alice’s girlfriend is “very supportive and overall positive in every way.” Since part of Alice’s hallucinations are said to be caused by the release of her abusive ex-boyfriend from prison, it’s inferred that her character is bisexual.

Here’s the trailer:


Creepy, right? And sadder, still, because even in a movie that went straight-to-DVD, you can tell she was a strong actress with a lot of talent.

Will you check out Deadline?

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