Morning Brew: Tuesday, Dec. 22


We’ve got a great brew today, folks.

Let’s start with this, Skins fans:

You want it poster-sized, don’t you? The issue, featuring an interview with Naomily actresses Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless is out now.

How did I not know about this? Apparently there is a “quick lesbian scene” between Keira Knightley and Hayley Atwell in their film, The Duchess. The movie is now available on DVD, and could be a great last minute gift for a friend who likes British women bedding one another.

Sundance is going to be so gay this year. The Runaways is officially in good company with the addition of The Kids Are Alright from High Art director Lisa Cholodenko, starring Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as lovers. It’s being described as a “drama with a sexy script.” Please let that sexiness be between the aforementioned actresses. Don’t let me down, Lisa!

Someone else likes Anyone But Me — an actual lesbian!

The Sexist tackles lesbians in hip-hop (or the lackthereof). You knew about “no homo,” but were you aware of “no lesbo”? I kind of thought “homo” worked universally, or at least has a better ring to it.

In something NSFW, World of Wonder has fun video footage from the release party of the sketch comedy show Pretty Things, starring creators Michael Lucid and Amanda Barrett, aka one half of the Ditty Bops. There’s interviews and clips with Amanda in drag, Daniela Sea and some gay dudes acting like lesbians. (I can’t believe he brought his new boyfriend to the party!)

Speaking of NSFW, Sandra Bernhard‘s interview with HEEB has her swearing up a storm, in true SB style. But you would be, too, if you were asked about “Palin, Prejean and Hasselbeck.” Says Sandra: “They’re generational, these women. They come in and think they’re gonna change the face of postfeminism. They’re contrarians. People who have benefited from the feminist movement, people who wouldn’t be where they are without it, yet still have to s–t all over it to make their point.”

Judy Gold‘s stage show Mommy Queerest is going on in D.C. now through Jan. 3. If you’re in the nation’s capital for the holiday, check out what the Washington Post calls “Gold at her very best … Authentically uproarious, the sort of compulsively entertaining type who’d keep you laughing even holding court at a corner table in a diner at 2 in the morning.” has made a list of “The Top 10 Worst Lindsay Lohan Moments of 2009.” Getting dumped should be number one. That’s the worst thing that could have happened to anyone in 2009.

Cynthia Nixon tells CNN why she’s pro-choice: “This is a major component of women’s health care, and we make up half the population. We can’t be pushed aside for the “greater good.” We’re half the population, not a small interest group. Women’s health needs to be front and center — it often isn’t, but it needs to be.” Also: ” I didn’t see Knocked Up but I loved Juno.” It was Ellen Page that did it for you, wasn’t it, Cynthia?

Lastly, Mexico City joins the coolest club on Earth, known as “places you can be gay and get married.” Finally, somewhere warm.

One more Brew before the holidays. Until tomorrow!

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