Morning Brew: Friday, Dec. 18


Friday, Friday, Friday! reader Plastic Venus tipped us off that the web comic Girls With Slingshots has a new burgeoning lesbian relationship between Thea and Angel. (We previously told you about the friendship/relationship between Jamie and Hazel.) I have to admit I’m a little worried about it based on her description of it being very sweet and totally relatable (except for the excessive vomiting).” This will either put you off or make you want to read it more.

Lilith Fair is partnering with ABC for the 2010 fest, which is kind of bizarre but also gives me hope that we’ll see Brandi Carlile and Tegan and Sara on television more. That reminds me, Brandi’s single “Dreams” is being played all over the place for the promo of the new show The Deep End. I can feel Brandi’s dream of getting on Ellen coming closer to fruition.

Logo’s hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race is getting more lesbian-friendly this year, inviting judges like Tatum O’Neal and Kathy Griffin to stop by on the second season. The premiere is Feb. 1 at 9 p.m. There’s never enough Tatum O’Neal, in my opinion. She’s also in the new Runaways film, playing Dakota Fanning‘s mom. Lesbian icon!

The SAG Award nominees have been announced and they are pretty similar to the Golden Globe nominations. Lesbian count: Still 1, thanks to Jane Lynch.

In something I’d like to refer to as “the worst idea I have heard today,” Flo from the new season of The Bad Girls Club said in an interview that she wanted to go on the show “because I’m bisexual, and I wanted to represent bi people.” She went on to say that her fantasy would be to “have a bisexual dating show on Oxygen called Goin’ With The Flo. She already has a name and everything. Something tells me that her portrait of bisexuality isn’t going to be very authentic. Please, Flo, prove me wrong.

A wonderful example of bisexuality

Have a great weekend!

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