Styled Out: Lindsay Lohan gets inspired for “Muse”


So, brace yourselves for one of the hottest things both you and I have seen all year. I know we’re all wild fans of the Lohan, even in her year of trials and tribulations. My friends, she has rewarded her dedicated fans with a tasty treat. Feast your eyes on this: An entire shoot for Muse magazine inspired by Johnny Depp and Kate Moss‘s intense romance in the early ’90s which was hot then and re-enacted — well, you can only imagine.

There’s a role model that I’d like to see her emulate a bit more than her obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Hell, maybe it will even inspire her to take that her hair down a few levels. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved her in her natural state of fire, errr, red.

The entire 18 page spread is just reeking of sexual energy, and the idea was for Lindsay to kind of “bare it all”, and she did — like, boobs hanging out kind of showing us “what’s up.” A reader tipped me off to a video entitled Lindsay’s Private Party and even lets you know that it’s starring the one and only Li-Lo, Sofia and Petey (a dancer and model, respectively).

If you can follow where I’m taking you, I think you get the picture: Many a sexual innuendo is portrayed throughout the short film made to accompany the shoot, one moment as blatant as Petey sucking on Lindsay’s nipple. It’s rumored that they were “straight” up (pun intended) romping around naked in bed together, which is a little surprising.

I would love to embed this for you and share the magic, but it’s a little racy, so I hope that you all go Googling it for yourselves. Word to the wise: There’s more going on with the guy than the girl in this little piece of magic, but somehow I don’t think you’ll mind.

Between the lack of clothing and excess of cigarette smoking, I’m sold I could basically watch it about 50 times.

The actual styling done for the shoot is quite fabulous and drawing from lots of things that we have been talking about this season as far as color scheme. Granted, I don’t expect anybody to really wear a black velvet blazer sans bra as Lindsay does in this particular set of photos, but if you take the sleek stockings, throw a T-shirt and skirt into the midst you’ve got the exact early ’90s cocktail that I’m such a fan of and have been barfing all over my blog this autumn.

So, hot or not? Is this the comeback we’ve been waiting for?

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