Morning Brew: Wednesday, Dec. 16


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In one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard, there will be a film adaptation of Philip Roth‘s 2009 novel The Humbling, which revolves around a lesbian deciding to have a sexual relationship with a much older man. Al Pacino is apparently a huge fan of the book, as he purchased the rights and is going to play the lead. Somehow I don’t think anything about this is going to be good for lesbian visibility, but I’ll still be interested to see who they cast as the lead lez.

Thanks to reader Vish, my idea that Sweden is full of hot gay women is now confirmed. First Mariette Hansson, now Annika Holtz, a contestant on the country’s Survivor-esque reality show, Robinson. The 28-year-old has been out since she was 15 and hails from Älvsjö, a suburb of Stockholm. Also, if you can read Swedish, you can read her blog. If not, you can still appreciate the pictures.

Otalia fans, is hosting a “Couple of the Decade” contest and the Guiding Light lesbians are in second place. Vote while you still have time. Prove your obsession! Not that you don’t already do a really good job of that.

In other lesbian TV news, Stargate Universe has been picked up for a second season. Ming Na Tweeted yesterday: “This is 2 funny! I just got a call from @jglenic @ the pickup 4 season 2 of SGU & all of u tweets already knew! Great news! Merry Xmas!! xo.”

Australia gay pub SameSame has released their 25 Most Influential Gays and Lesbians of the year. Women on the list include singer Sia, poet Dorothy Porter, broadcaster Julie McCrossin, and Ruby Rose. Sorry, I didn’t think she needed any explanation.

Oh, to be a yellow plastic tube

Australia is getting all the goods, lately! One of the first films made about being gay or lesbian is being restored and re-released in Melbourne next month. Word is Out was made by a California filmmaking collective in 1977, featuring interviews with “26 gays and lesbians, aged 18 to 77.” Talk about a piece of history. The ’70s were super gay.

’70s gay face: Quite similar to gay face in 2009

Dummy Magazine has a fun profile of Holly Miranda, which includes her commenting that she was young when she realized she was “super gay” and is accompanied by some great pictures.

We’ve all had days like this

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