Morning Brew: Tuesday, Dec. 15


Top of the morning to you.

I’ve been trying to figure out the point of this ad for Passionne Prosecco, and they are either saying that being a lesbian is wrong, or that these women are completely not each others’ types and are at a secret underground femme-on-femme club.

Batwoman‘s real life persona, Kathy Kane, has a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell storyline in the new comic (#859). notes: “Readers find that as a young adult, Batwoman is at the top of her class at the United States Military Academy. When it’s discovered that she’s in a lesbian relationship with another student, she’s asked to deny the allegations or be expelled for violation of the military’s code of conduct. She could stay in the military if she’d just tell her commanding officer ‘what he needed to hear.'”

Of course, she refuses and is discharged, but remains true to her gay self. Considering she later became a superhero, I’m pretty sure that makes it Batwoman: 1, U.S. Military: 0.

Jezebel’s list of “8 Awesome Books by Women” from the past decade includes Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and Rent Girl by Michelle Tea. Super lez-friendly Mary Gaitskill also made the list for Veronica, which allows me to mention that she has a great lesbian story in her 2009 book, Don’t Cry.

Lacey Stone made the list of the top 5 trainers in New York by Time Out New York. Check out the issue Dec. 31.

Cynthia Nixon is helping in a pledge to get women to volunteer for their favorite charitable organizations. She’ll be helping to launch a mobile pledge center in Times Square’s Military Square this Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

Jamaican MC Buju Banton has been the target of GLAAD and other LGBT rights organizations this year, as he was touring the U.S. in promotion of his hate-filled, anti-gay songs. Although many shows were canceled, Buju was still nominated for a Grammy and one person who is not happy about that is fellow-Jamaican Staceyann Chin.

Chin commented: “I know firsthand about the struggles that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people encounter not only in Jamaica, but around the world. Buju Banton’s Grammy nomination provides and important opportunity for growth and transformation. We must, as a society, move beyond our differences. I challenge Banton to live up to his past assertions that he has changed and call for greater education and understanding about the harms of promoting brutal anti-gay lyrics.” Hopefully he can do that from prison, as he was arrested for drug possession this week.

See you tomorrow, friends.

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