Morning Brew: Monday, Dec. 14


Hello, Brewsters!

First point of business: Kathy Griffin was on Lopez Tonight last week and she told George that she will play “a lesbian Al Sharpton; a militant, bad ass lesbian” on Law & Order: SVU on Feb. 10. Old news, right? Well how about this: “And I get to have a kissing scene with Mariska Hargitay.” Um, Feb. 10, officially marked on my calendar as “Dream Realized: 9 p.m.”

Like this, but sexier

Carrie Brownstein‘s 2009 Gift Guide includes an amazing website that I never knew about, accompanied by this perfect lesbionic photo.

Lesbians in Lanford, Illinois Fashion from every Roseanne episode ever. Yes.

Stop trying to make “gayjacents” happen. I haven’t even heard of it until now, but I’m already over it. London’s Evening Standard has decided that fag hag, lesbro and dyke tyke are not enough. Now, if you’re a straight friend to a lesbian or gay person, you are a “gayjacent.”

Michelle Rodriguez said that the only way we’ll ever know about her sexuality will be if we see it on film. “If I wanted to tell people what I do with my vagina, I’d have made a sex video a long time ago,” she told Bang Showbiz. “Largely, people don’t know the whole story about anything. But still they need to put a name on it so they can label it and put it on the side and not dedicate any time to figuring it out. It’s laziness.” Did you hear that, Curve Magazine?

Would you like to be inspired to read? Then you need this 22×34 poster of Rachel Maddow from the ALA. It’s only $16 and a perfect gift for a child in your life, especially one that you visit often.

WWD‘s quotes of the year come from celebrities including Suze Orman, Sandra Bernhard and Lady Gaga, but the best Sapphic comment came from the fabulously gay Karl Lagerfeld who said about Moscow, “I think the women are better than the men. I think if I were a woman here, I would be a lesbian.” I love that he didn’t say “if he were straight.” He’d still have to be a homo and then he’d do it with a woman.

Bisexual actress Bai Ling is finally able to capitalize on her sexuality by playing a lesbian in a new 2010 film, Dim Sum Funeral. If you are interested in TMI about her sexual experiences with women, then this interview was done for you and men who read.

Lesbian author Jeanette Winterson has announced that she’s got it bad for her girlfriend, psychotherapist Susie Orbach, saying, “I am in love. And I don’t care who knows it. The tricky bit is watching it turn into a girl-on-girl drama in the press. . . I want to live in a world where the gender of your lover is the least interesting thing about them.”

A CSS & Tilly and the Wall live DVD, complete with behind-the-scenes footage, is coming out Jan. 12. CSS is very, very lesbian and also very awesome. I love when the two combine!

Have an awesome Monday!

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