Morning Brew: Friday, Dec. 11


Happy Friday!

On last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation, called “Christmas Scandal,” Leslie and Ann were caught by the paparazzi and called “lesbian partners” by their local news. Unfortunately, it wasn’t true. So much for a Christmas wish.

Alison Bechdel‘s Fun Home has made’s list of The Best 10 Books of the decade. Further proof that lesbians totally own the depressing story category.

The New York Times saw Hannah Free and they liked it. Actually, I think they just like Sharon Gless.

Check out a bit from the new season of The Big Gay Sketch Show, titled “Pet Sexy.” Season 3 starts up in March on Logo.

Gossip Girl + Manga = possible Serena and Blair hook-up? This comic book adaptation could be our chance. Holding my breath starting now.

A movie starring Leisha Hailey and Christina Hendricks? It is in existence and is called La Cucina, centering around love and the joy of cooking. It came out in 2007, and you can finally own it on DVD Jan. 10. Yes, Leisha plays someone with a bun in the oven.

Speaking of L Word stars doing other things with their careers, Laurel Holloman is hosting an auction to raise funds for the Maasai Conservation Wilderness Trust. You can bid on paintings from Laurel and sketches from Pam Grier and Rachel Shelley. No word on if Kate Moennig will be auctioning off a date with herself. She’s got a lot more free time now that Three Rivers was canceled. Just saying.

Lesbian singer Athena Reich won an Out Music Award for her song “Love is Love” earlier this week in the category of Best Song. The most bizarre line from her press release is a quote from Jerry Springer: “Athena’s songs take you places only the spirit goes. She’s wonderful. What a joy.” So you can take his word for it, if he’s your favorite music critic, or favorite anything.

Flashforward just cannot catch a break! ABC has cut one episode from the rest of its season. I’m just going to assume it was the lesbian sex episode. The show will return in March with 14 episodes instead of the initial 15.

Have a great weekend!

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