12 Months of Lesbians


Who says planning and organizing can’t be fun? Keeping your calendar may seem like a chore you would love to foist upon your nonexistent personal assistant but alas, you can lessen the blow of meeting upon meeting with a decent lesbian calendar. About.com’s Kathy Belge has a list of her seven favorites for 2010 and I’d like to give you the low down and add a few of my own.

For those that like them boyish, Belge highlights a great butch babe calendar from Debbie Boud. Replete with firefighters, glistening muscles and tattoos, those that lust after the masculine woman will want this one. She even added helpful gay pride dates!

Now this is not strictly a lesbian calendar, but I know lots of you ladies are going to love it. I got my partner last year’s XX Boys calendar and she swooned the first of every month. These FTM models are certainly worth supporting with your dollars and your admiration.

For the more artsy among us, Belge suggests Nicole J George’s Queer Animal Odyssey. Although she did not set out to make gay creatures it turns out the ones featured (besides the shark) are among the 1500 species with documented homosexuality in their ranks. What a great gift for your homophobic family member who insists gays are “unnatural.”

Belge’s favorite seemed to be quintessential female nude photographer Renee Jacobs’ Provocateur Calendar. Not one for a common area, this one is just plain hot.

The sad news is that my favorite from I Heart Brooklyn Girls is on hiatus this year, but promises to have a new one in 2011. Instead, go sporty for a year with Amazon Dragonboat Paddling Team. They have launched a colorful sporty-dyke wall calendar with skillfully placed life vests and medals cover naughty bits. The best part is that it profits the team.

What will you have hanging on your wall come January?