Morning Brew: Thursday, Dec. 10



First point of business: Lady Gaga saying “Bluffing with my muffin” to Barbara Walters. On last night’s 10 Most Fascinating People, the pop star said she’s never had a romantic relationship with a woman, but she has had sexual relationships with women. You know, I think this might make her bisexual. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that about her before. Here’s the interview:

Sad news for Hospital Central fans! Both Patricia Vico (Maca) and Fátima Baeza (Esther) have announced they are leaving the series. This means the show will likely have little to no lesbian content in the near future. Does this mean we could see them show up on Venice anytime soon?

Rosie O’Donnell says she likes working in radio because she doesn’t “have to wear make-up, I don’t have to wear a bra and I don’t have to leave my house, so my days as a talk-show host are done.” Except now we have a visual of her day-to-day anyway. In other Rosie news, she said she called up Meredith Baxter to congratulate her on coming out last week. “I called her up and told her she was fantastic and congratulations and she did really well and that I was proud of her,” Rosie told OK!. I’m wondering if she was really calling to make sure Meredith had no plans for a lesbian cruise of her own. Competition!

Ellen Page is doing commercials for internet company Cisco, and you can watch all three on their site. Spoiler: She’s adorable.

Speaking of actresses I like, Nikki Reed visited It’s On With Alexa Chung this week, and she was asked to confirm or deny if she had peed on friend/co-star Kristen Stewart. In the clip, Kristen says she liked to listen to Sia while running on the Italian set of New Moon. Also, I would still like her to call me, even though I’m not into water sports — like parasailing, I mean. notes that gay icons are either gay men or female — never gay and female (save for Dusty Springfield on the One Poll Top 10 list). However, I’d imagine their results came from gay men, who sometimes have difficulty naming more than two lesbians but could tell you the name of every Village People member, past and present.

The Baltimore Sun wrote a piece on their hometown Top Chef competitor Harold Dieterle and pondered if going on the show was a good thing for the chef and the restaurant he’d be returning to. Well, he won — but some other guy they interviewed, John Walsh, executive chef at Timonium’s Chef’s Expressions catering company, said he wouldn’t hire anyone from the show because, “They put people on that show because they’ve got this many tattoos or because they’re a lesbian or whatever. It’s not always ‘Is this a good chef?’ or ‘Does this person really know how to do it?'” Seriously, guy? It’s not like they went to Girl Bar and picked out a tattooed dyke and asked if she could throw together a escargot fricassee.

Hey Jamie Lauren — can you cook?

OK, I know this is super gossipy but it also made me LOL: Aubrey O’Day was “spotted” grinding in front of Sam Ronson‘s DJ booth in Las Vegas, trying to get her attention. Apparently, it didn’t work. A for effort, Aubrey.

Also, Tila Tequila is getting married to alleged panty stealer Casey Johnson. There’s so much that could be said, but I’d like to leave it at this: They have the same ex-girlfriend. It must be true lesbian love.

And in perhaps the most hilarious piece of trashy gossip this week, a “source” told Splash News that Ellen told Portia “We can watch over Lindsay, get her straight and send her back out into the world.” Yes, someone claims to have heard this conversation happen between the wives. Later, Lindsay reportedly declined the help. OK, if Ellen and Portia were really trying to become lesbian foster parents/sponsors, who would say no? Not even Lilo could refuse that offer.

Let’s go out on a good, true note: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is coming to Logo in 2010. Get psyched!

Have a great day!