Styled Out: Tasha Tilberg is in fashion


So, news flash to both me and you: There’s yet another hot model that I was unaware was a full on gay until my gal pal Trish Bendix pointed it out to me yesterday. Let me be the first to introduce Tasha Tilberg, another hot Canadian that will now be added to my list as I prepare to submit some nominations to’s hot 100 list.

Tilberg was dubbed “The Lady Killer” by Out magazine’s 2009 hot 100 list and I think after you take a look she will be on yours, too. The girl debuted on the cover of W back in 1996. (I know, where have we been?) She is well known in the fashion world for her septum ring which she proudly sports regardless of the sometimes strict rules for ladies of the runway.

I am especially stupefied because I stalk Marc Jacobs like some kind of sick teenager. She’s modeled for nearly everyone notable on the planet in her apparently wildly successful career including DKNY, Gucci, Fendi, Versace — the list goes on and on, as does the Google image search results. Gal pal was even a spokeswoman for lesbian friendly Cover Girl, which I found especially interesting seeing as how their current spokeswoman is none other than our beloved Ellen DeGeneres.

I guess the only downside to her story is that she’s married to long time partner, Laura Wilson, so not like she ever was a realistic potential GF or anything, but you know that it’s always a bit of blow to realize your new found crush is totally off the market. Boo.

Will you be watching for this face?