Styled Out: Going neutral


My favorite trend this fall is easily the influx of ensembles comprised of one tone or color exclusively, and it’s not just black for once. To wear all black was at one time considered “goth” or like some sort of crying out in teenage angst or something and thanks to the switch in trends and America’s love affair with vampires, fashion has indeed taken a trip to the dark side.

I am loving an outfit that has every shade of grey involved in it. I am a huge fan of neutral tones in abundance, and there is something fresh and bold about wearing a layered look that mimics Eeyore. There are so many pretty shades and varieties of grey. It can go from the more deep and bluish tones to the most heather of greys, and when mixed up and paired together it makes a totally dimensional yet tied together look.

Samantha Ronson has favored the idea for quite some time, and also sticking with the more achromatic of shades. It’s one of those things that could go one of two ways, one being super awesome when sticking to the right ideas because, let’s face it, sporting every shade of yellow is not cute, so let’s break it down: All white with gold high tops for a splash of color — awesome. Layering different shades of red and maroon (so sticking within the same palette) — great idea. You can even do shades of violet, if done carefully; if you are tossing around the idea of testing the grounds of monotones that are out of the typical grey, black or white, make sure to take a good hard look in the mirror before leaving your house.

Certain colors in large amounts just aren’t flattering, and might need a patterned shirt with a similar color scheme thrown in to break up the look. Like I said, while this can be totally chic, it can also go totally wrong, so play it safe and get a second opinion if you aren’t totally feeling it! And remember, whatever element of your duds you notice the most when checking it out, everyone else does too, so you should probably take it off if that’s the case.

Are you getting into it?

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