Meredith Baxter says she’s happy and gay


Get your slow claps ready, we need to welcome another late-in-life celesbian as she makes her way out of the closet and into our club. Meredith Baxter came out to Matt Lauer (and the entire world) on this morning’s Today Show.

Here’s the clip:

I can’t say I am completely shocked. I’ve seen my fair share of her Lifetime Television for Women movies and my gaydar went blip blip blip blip and then petered off. Looking at her now though, it’s quite obvious. She looks like she walked straight out of Suze Orman’s closet and is ready for golf/tennis/a Tupperware party hosted at Smith College.

Baxter made her television debut in 1971 (The Young Lawyers) and worked steadily in television, including an Emmy-nominated role on the drama Family, before taking on what is perhaps her best known role, that of Elyse Keaton in the award-winning show Family Ties (which ran from 1982-89 on NBC).

Baxter told Lauer on Today:

I got involved with someone I never expected to get involved with, and it was an awakening. I understood why I have the issue in my life … I was involved with people who made me think they’re the problem. It never occurred to me, that it was me.

After three marriages and four children, Meredith said she’s been dating women for seven years. She and her partner, general contractor Nancy Locke, have been together now for about four years — and they already kind of look alike. Cute! There will be a full story on the couple in People magazine that comes out this week.

I want to be one of the first of many to wish Meredith happiness, love and many more gay cruises in her future.

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