Morning Brew: Wednesday, Dec. 2


Well, first off, welcome to the club, Meredith Baxter!

After being spotted on the Sweet Cruise by the National Enquirer (aka a lesbian who wanted to make some quick cash by taking some photos of her onboard), the former Family Ties star was quick to say she went on the cruise “for fun.” But then, this morning, she told Matt Lauer on Today that she’s a lesbian and she’s happy. We’ll have a blog post on this later, but I wanted to be the first to issue Meredith her membership card.

In some more gossipy-type news, Lindsay Lohan and ex Samantha Ronson were able to be in the same place (NYC club Butter) and it not end in tears or a tirade. In fact, Gatecrasher reports that they were able to talk civilly with the “help” of John Mayer. A partygoer noted that the two didn’t leave together, but they stayed “past 3.” Gosh, I hope John Mayer and all these spies were able to have fun while stalking watching Lilo and SamRo all night. Was it the same person snapping pics of Meredith on the Sweet cruise or what?

If you’re in Chicago tonight or tomorrow, you can be part of out comic Cameron Esposito‘s live comedy recording of Grab them Aghast for an upcoming album on Rooftop Comedy Records. You can grab a ticket for $10.

In some not so good news, it appears that The Cliks line-up dissolved because of some toxic friendships. Singer Lucas Silveria recently did an interview where he said there was some transphobia within the band, saying, “I haven’t talked about it before but feel it’s due time I come out about it because it was so hurtful. There’s no good that comes from a band mate calling you ‘it.'” Yikes, sounds like the break-up was a good move. (Thanks for the tip, shortypants!)

Perhaps you know who Vanessa Amorosi is and you care that she’s not a lesbian. The Aussie singer’s single “This is Who I Am” is an anthem about being, uh, who are you are, but some people are apparently taking that to mean she’s out and proud. “I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but the song is not really about that,” she told the press. “Bring on the rumours. I love it.”

So straight girls like rumors, while Lindsay Lohan and the like are tired of them starting? Now we know how to spot the ones that play for our team. Hey, did you hear Ellen Page is gay? Now watch and see how she responds to the “rumor.” Cross your fingers she wants you to “just let her live”!

Lesbian heiress Casey Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson fame) allegedly broke into friend Jasmine Lennard‘s home and stole some items while also leaving a “used dildo in her bed.” (Seriously.) Ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel was later involved, as Casey went to her house and apparently got into bed with her, wearing some of Jasmine’s underwear.

Jasmine told the press, “She breaks into my Hollywood apartment, masturbates in my bed, has a shower in my bathroom, takes every thing in my apartment. This time she really messed with the wrong lady. I am going to teach her a lesson.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Enjoy your Hump Day! (You too, Meredith Baxter.)