Morning Brew: Tuesday, Dec. 1


Wow, December already? Good morning!

Courtenay Semel is really into celebrating the fact that she’s a cover girl, throwing herself a party and everything. Curve is probably seeing its most sales ever, with the heiress herself likely having purchased several to give away to friends, family and prospective girlfriends.

If you’re a Hollyoaks fan, you might be sad to hear that Zoë Lister will be gone as of January. The second lesbianish character to leave the show this season, Zoë claims she was “proud” of how her character’s ex-flame Sarah died earlier this year, which was falling to her death with a sabotaged parachute. They’re going to have to pull out all the stops in offing Zoë. Here’s an idea: Lesbian bed death.

The New Yorker‘s awesome lesbian writer Ariel Levy has penned a piece on “Sports, sex, and the case of Caster Semenya.” It’s a great read, and further proof that the New Yorker is made better and gayer by Levy’s existence on staff.

MTV talked with Natalie Portman about her “extreme sex scene” with Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Here were the results:



“Extreme. Not explicit.” Let me break this down then: It is “of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity,” but it is not “very specific, clear, or detailed.” Natalie, send me the screener. I’ll be the judge of that.

Lesbian metal singer Otep has self-published a poetry and illustrated book, Caught Screaming, available on for $10. From the preview poem available, it’s very sexy and very Sapphic.

Guiding Light fans, the actress who played gay lady Doris Wolfe, Orlagh Cassidy had a funny Tweet this week, regarding a conversation she had on the SVU set with Mariska Hargitay:

Mariska, I’m pretty sure lesbians don’t hate you. In fact, I’m pretty sure we hate your husband. Just kidding.

Kate Clinton attended the White House State Dinner and lived to write about it for The Progressive. She writes: “Urvashi and I held hands and represented as we walked past the press. We worked the dining room. At our table we again inserted peace and full equality whenever we could. It wasn’t like, ‘Pass the papardam, I’m a pro-choice, pro-peace lesbian, here’s the chutney.’ But close.”

In some really exciting news, Kaki King has let us know she’s working on new music. She is almost finished with her follow-up to 2008’s Dreaming of Revenge, and it will be released in the new year. Also, she has some really hot new black and white photos on her MySpace page. Just sayin’.

Have an awesome Tuesday.

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