The Weekly Geek: Cyber Monday Shopping


We’re rapidly approaching the fine holiday that our friends in retail like to call Cyber Monday. The day after Americans chow down on turkey (or whatever sensible protein substitute) on Thanksgiving weekend, stores open at ungodly hours offering deals on every kind of merchandise imaginable.

Being a gadget geek, I’m no stranger to this bizarre phenomenon. I’ve done the “wake up at 3 a.m. and head to the nearest retailer offering cheap videogames” thing on Black Friday so many times that it’s become its own little holiday ritual. Naturally, tech-minded geeks benefit a great deal from discounted goodies — ours is an expensive habit to feed.

I’ve compiled a quick list of the better ads and links for the upcoming shopper’s holiday, to help you get the most of your gadget/gaming dollars. If you happen to have a wife or girlfriend nearby who may be shopping for you, now’s the time to leave your browser “conveniently” open on the page.

As with all things, it pays to check out Amazon’s assortment of deals for cameras, computer gear, MP3/media players, GPS devices and so on. Newegg is also a great bet — and their sales are already on.

Mac fans should definitely log in to the Apple store ASAP, unless you want to be especially cool and order items from your iPhone. Doing so may actually be a great idea, since, as TUAW was gracious enough to point out, there’s a shopper-friendly app to make things a bit easier.

Gamers will definitely want to check out this little site: It’s called cheap ass gamer, and it’s amazing. They generally offer great advice on getting good deals on games, consoles and other gaming-related paraphernalia, but they really pull out all of the stops for this season, offering features like this massive thread compiling every game on sale (and where to find them).

PC gamers should also be made aware of a massive sale on Steam — the entire set of 18 THQ games (including the excellent Company of Heroes and Red Faction series) is available for a cool $49.99.

What about you, readers? Do you have any Black Friday war stories or shopping battle strategies to share?

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