Morning Brew: Friday, Nov. 27


Good morning, lesbians and other queer counterparts!

Do you have that friend who thinks they know someone perfect for you because you are both lesbians? The guy who wrote this article for Complex is kind of like that, where he tries to match up Rosie O’Donnell with other out celebrities. Rosie and Kim Stolz or Leisha Hailey? Probably not. Also, many of the women featured already have partners, so they aren’t really bachelorettes. Oh right — they’re not married so I guess that counts as single, right guy? I really think this list should be called “Lesbians I Know About,” by some random dude.

Thanks to @ninetymilewaterwall, we can now speculate that we’ll be seeing Kate Walsh play a lesbian again! According to Kate’s Twitter, she’s filming Waska, based on the novel Angels Crest, playing the character Roxanne, who is shacked up with her lover Jane. If this happens, then maybe I’ll start watching Private Practice in return. Maybe.

A new vampire movie has some lesbian kissing in it. I know, it’s never been done before, so you’re probably incredibly shocked that someone would dare put girls making out in a movie about necking. Blink and you could miss the kiss in this bloody trailer for VamL.

If you ever caught Sugar Rush on the BBC, you will recognize Sarah-Jane Potts who played Saint. She’s got a new gig on Waterloo Road and her character Jo just came out. On this week’s episode, the teacher flirts with a female co-worker. And not to spoil anything, but there will definitely be more than that going on in an upcoming episode.

Have a great weekend!

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