Beyoncé gives us something to be fiercely thankful for


As if I wasn’t already thankful for a nice excuse to go home and eat lots of Indian food with my family (buttered naan trumps stuffing any day), I saw a commercial for an exclusive ABC special on Thanksgiving Day at 9:00pm/ET. Beyoncé told me us: “Thanksgiving night, I am yours.” And it’s true — her special is called I Am…Yours and will feature the insanely talented performer, who just released a crazy new video for “Video Phone” with Lady Gaga, in a performance from the Wynn in Las Vegas plus “behind-the-scenes footage and a rarely-seen look into her professional life on the road.”

The one-hour special will be stuffed with the latest Sasha Fierce hits along with some old fan favorites (“Bootylicious” would be an appropriate Turkey Day throwback). ABC also promises to play an adorable home video of baby B singing and dancing, and her band is made up of all female musicians. This is totally worth sitting through the inane Target Christmas commercials set to Black Eyed Peas tunes that will try to brainwash us into shopping on Black Friday.

But not only is Sasha oh-so-Fierce, she can be all yours on DVD, too, which released earlier this week. As for the content of the DVD, Real Talk NY describes it as “performances of over 30 songs from Beyoncé’s three multi-platinum solo releases, Destiny’s Child catalog and a few surprises.” Anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing Beyoncé live will understand why the release and subsequent purchase of this video is so necessary.

Get ready to unbutton your jeans and enjoy Beyoncé this Thursday night. Wait, I mean you’ll unbutton your jeans because you’ll be so stuffed from Thanksgiving food. Oh lord, I don’t think I can weasel my way out of this one.

Will you be tuning in on Turkey Day for Miss Fierce?

(Disclaimer: AfterEllen does not assume any responsibility for any injuries caused by attempts to do the “Single Ladies” dance post-Thanksgiving dinner. Please consult your physician before imitating B’s moves.)

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