Morning Brew: Wednesday, Nov. 25


Happy Black Wednesday!

Hornito was kind enough to send me a link to the new Simian Mobile Disco video for their song with Beth Ditto, “Cruel Intentions.” Just like their video for my all-time favorite “Hustler,” it’s completely lesbionic. And yet, totally artsy. Simian Mobile Disco, are you taking notes from my dreams?

Speaking of artsy music videos, check out The Sounds Twilight-esque video for “Beatbox,” released yesterday. Bisexual frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is the video’s focus so all is right in the world.

Rihanna may have written a song called “Te Amo” about a woman, and taken several boob-touching photos with a friend that surfaced on the Internet, but she’s just not that into us. “I don’t have a lot [of boobs] so anytime I see a good rack I grab ’em. Women are beautiful. I am not into them.” I’m pretty sure she said “yet,” but got cut off. She’s young. Stage One: Boob admiration. Stage Two: Lip surveillance.

Did you know that actor Eric Stoltz loves Anyone But Me? He does, and here’s why:

Friday Night Lights‘s resident lesbian character Devin might not be around for another season. Actress Stephanie Hunt, as we told you before, has been cast on the new series Parenthood, so she might be unable to commit. Says FNL producer Peter Berg, “I love her, and I know Jason does, but you never quite know how these things will work out. You have a plan, but like any football game, things change.” I hope this current plan includes more trips to the local lesbian bar.

But it’s possible we could be seeing another lesbian on TV soon. According to TV Guide, Criminal MindsEmily Prentiss could be getting a girlfriend. The show’s executive producer Ed Bernero told the publication, “We don’t even know if Prentiss is straight,” but would not give any more info on possible hook-ups. We do know, however, it won’t be romance between Emily and co-worker Hotch: “I think what’s more important to us is their friendship. It’s too important to mess up with them sleeping together.” Obviously this guy isn’t familiar with how lesbian relationships work.

In the video game Dragon Age: Origin, you can make your character bisexual or a lesbian. Check out a sexy scene and then run to Best Buy.

Since tomorrow is an American holiday, we’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off. However, there will be a Morning Brew on Friday, to tide you over through the weekend.

Have a great holiday!