New Music Tuesday: 11-24-09


Today’s New Music Tuesday post is dedicated to our brothers in arms at Why, you ask? Well, because today’s new releases are basically a gay man’s dream. Sure, we can enjoy a lot of the tunes too, but if you look below you’ll see that if you put together a playlist comprised of most of these artists it would most likely be entitled, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

ShakiraShe Wolf (Epic)

No one is more surprised than myself when it comes to my top pick of the week. It’s not that I didn’t like Shakira before — her hips don’t lie and they are incredibly easy to look at. It’s just that sometimes when her voice goes to that high semi-nasally place, it makes me uncomfortable. Her latest album, though, is fantastic. There are disco grooves, appearances by Kid Cudi, Lil’ Wayne and Wyclef Jean as well as some major production assistance from Timbaland and Pharrell. Expect a ton of club remixes coming from this album.

Lady GagaThe Fame Monster (Streamline/Interscope)

Say what you will about Lady Gaga (even my mom has an opinion about her) the woman has some catchy tunes. I tried to deny her entrance into my ears but then I heard “Paparazzi” and now I can’t stop listening. Her two-disc effort, The Fame and The Fame Monster reminds me of if Madonna put out her Immaculate Collection today: Dance tunes, electro-ballads and intelligent pop-sensibility.

RihannaRated R (Def Jam)

One of the best things about Rihanna is that she is no stranger to blending genres even if she’s been brought up by rap superstar Jay-Z. It will be interesting to listen to this album, especially since it’s coming after her tumultuous relationship with that d-bag Chris Brown. She also happens to be on my top ten list of celebs I’d like to get freaky with.

Holy HailIndependent Pleasure Club (Adventures Close to Home, Kanine)

For a breath of fresh air, nostalgia and new wave goodness check out Holy Hail. Their second full-length album is for lovers and dreamers. If you’re a fan of Tilly and The Wall or The Phenomenal Handclap Band, these kids will be your new bffs. They are so cool, in fact, they are doing a pay what you like (a la Radiohead) option, where profits from their album will benefit Education Through Music.

Shout out to Kelis and her freshly released single, “Acapella,”which is so fresh it’s like biting into a York Peppermint Patty.

Other notable new releases include, Angie Stone, Adam Lambert, Tom Waits and Susan Boyle. Who are you most excited about listening to this week? Who did I leave off accidentally?

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