Morning Brew: Tuesday, Nov. 24


Good morning, gay women.

Have you been wondering what Megan Fox has been up to lately? She’s been so quiet for the last week. Don’t panic — she talked to People and told them her celebrity crush is Ellen: “Especially since she got that new haircut. She’s funny and so cute. I’m so happy when I watch her.” Was anyone else relieved that she didn’t use the words “giant motorcycle riding lesbian” in her statement? And what happened to Olivia Wilde?

Somewhere, Portia de Rossi is rolling her eyes

In one of the coolest contests ever, you can win a trip to NYC to see Lady Gaga if you’re willing to show your own “Fame Monster.” Everyone has one of those, right?

Bisexual singer Sia told the Star Observer that she’s been busy working on songs for pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as working on her own album. Also, she’s “never been more attracted to women or men or unicorns — I just like people for who they are.” This just in: People can also be unicorns. It’s all coming together for me now.

Sia and partner/possible unicorn JD Samson

Blackbook magazine put together a list of the 11 Most Fashionable Pulitzer Prize winners and, among them, is poet/playwright Edna St. Vincent Millay. They note that Edna, the first woman to ever win the prize, was “cutting-edge with her unorthodox lifestyle, which included an open marriage and lesbian lovers.” God I love it when being a lesbian is in style.

You betta’ work

A lesbian couple (owners of are writing about their relationship and wedding plans for The first edition details how they had their first date on Skype. Ah, young lesbian love.

Photographer Jeff Shang is working on a project aptly titled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” in which he pictures gay and lesbian service men and women in uniform but hiding their faces. He is looking for more participants, so if you know anyone who’d be interested, tell them to get in touch.

Jess, Portland, OR, who may or may not have had this haircut before she entered the military

In a video interview with, R&B singer Olivia “clears up” rumors that she’s bisexual saying “Never do, never have” and remarking that the women that hit on her are “worse than the dudes sometimes.” Now, who is she?

Until tomorrow!

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