Morning Brew: Monday, Nov. 23


Happy Monday!

Jennifer Beals recently talked to Runner’s World about her jogging routine. “When I was working on The L Word in Vancouver, I ran three or four times a week, between five and 10 kilometers,” she said. And we reaped the benefits of her hard work.

Children’s book illustrator David Small published a graphic novel memoir about his life, Stitches, including the details about her repressed lesbian mother. He told an interviewer, ““My mother had a female friend who would come over and call me a sissy. My father would be out pursuing his own appetites, and I’d be stuck watching this woman and my mother giving each other ecstatic back rubs on the couch.” Yeah, I’m thinking this book is definitely not for kids.

Speaking of literary lesbians, out Self magazine writer Erin Bried has published the DIY book, How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew. My grandma personally prefers to buy things from QVC, but perhaps that’s in the book.

Paparazzi have caught Rumer Willis and Jessica Lowndes filming their first one-on-one scenes together and, so far, we can tell that will they talk and sit in a car. Riveting.

The WNBA’s Sacramento Monarchs are looking to find a new owner and location, or they will be forced to cease existence. Either way, it looks as if Sacramento-based lesbians will need to find another venue to seek out possible missed connections.

The Guardian‘s Jay Rayer sought out Jackie Warner to help him get fit, and wrote all about it in his column this weekend. He describes her as “blonde and taut and very gay.” (Tell us something we don’t know!) Then she attempts to whip his ass into shape.

To entertain themselves (and us) on their European tour, Tegan and Sara have started a web series called “Reflections,” in which they speak to themselves (and the camera) through a mirror and reflect on their day. In true Quin sis fashion, it’s hilarious and continues to make us all jealous we aren’t dating one of them. There are two episodes so far, and here’s number one.


Have a great gay day!

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