Yes, Jennifer Beals, there is a Santa Claus


Have yourself a merry little Bealsmas. Make the Yuletide gay — or at the very least gayish. Jennifer Beals is getting her holiday on in a new Hallmark movie The Night Before the Night Before Christmas. Bette Porter going merry and bright for the Hallmark Movie Channel? I’m going to need a minute to readjust my understanding of the world.

Jennifer, who has a recurring role on the Fox drama Lie to Me, will appear in the holiday comedy about “a family that’s too busy to get ready for the holidays until Santa Claus mistakenly leaves the North Pole a day early and crash lands on their roof, and it’s suddenly up to the family to help save Christmas.” Oh, oh my. I can honestly say I have never looked at Jennifer and thought, look at Santa’s little helper — ever.

Now we all know Jennifer can be funny, what with her sly wit in The L Word and The Bride with Sting as Dr. Frankenstein. Huh, what? That last one wasn’t a comedy? My bad.

And at least it won’t be a stretch for her to play professional photographer Angela Fox, who with her husband is the only family on the block to have not decorated for Christmas. She sure has plenty of practice snapping shots. The rest of the plot, where she meets Santa, saves Christmas and — I can only assume — learns a valuable lesson about the spirit of the season, will be decidedly new territory.

Well, anything that brings Jennifer onto my TV is OK in my book, especially if she gets to wear a tank top. Not that I am begging (no, really, I’m begging).

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas has begun production in Toronto and will premiere on Hallmark Channel in 2010. I’ve started doing eggnog shooters already just at the thought of it.

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