Morning Brew: Thursday, Nov. 19


Good morning, gay ladies!

While you were sleeping, Mary Cheney and partner Heather Poe had a baby girl, Sarah Lynne Cheney. It is their second child, both of which were subjected to an unfortunate last name. Where was Heather when the birth certificates were being signed? If you had any doubts who wears the pants in that relationship, now you know.

“Have a baby by me, baby.”

Daniela Sea will host a “compassionate Thanksgiving” in Oakland, Calif. on Nov. 21. The meal will be a “candlelit vegan dinner” and a “Feeding of the Turkeys” ceremony with a performance by punk rocker poet Jonathan Richman. If you’ve ever wanted to share a romantic punk rock dinner with Daniela, here’s your chance. Don’t wear fur — you might get Bitch slapped.

A turkey’s best friend

Fans of GirlTrash, you can get in on the movie action if you are going to be in LA next month. The filmmakers are looking for extras. Feel free to show up looking trashy, but it does not seem to be a requirement.

“It says here on page 33 that I make out with an extra. Do I get to choose the lucky broad?”

Over the summer I went to the BlogHer conference and saw Ilene Chaiken talk about The L Word movie in a weird all-white pantsuit. Now’s your chance to propose a panel for BlogHer ’10 in NYC. Make it gay — they want you to!

Out musician Holly Miranda will soon be releasing her debut album on XL Recordings. You can buy her song “Forest Green Oh Forest Green” on their site now. It’s also a really good excuse for me to post a picture of her.

Followers of 3-Way, will you be in Chicago anytime soon? Maeve Quinlan, Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt will be hosting film & television writing, auditioning and producing workshops at lesbian-owned Stage 33 on Dec. 5 and 6. Yes, for only $50 you can say you hung out with Maeve and Nancylee, and you also learned how to write your own lesbian short film.

The creators behind Spandex are hailing it as the first ever all gay comic series. There are several lesbians involved, including Diva (a lesbian Wonder Woman), Butch and villains Les Girlz, which includes ” feline villain Pussy, the team also includes lesbian robot Ms. Fantastic, medieval lesbian Crusader and large lesbian Chunk.” Wow, a Les Girlz that is ridiculous on purpose? Awesome.

Lastly, happy birthday, Jodie Foster. The actress is 47 today. You’re looking good, girl.

Have a great Thursday.

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