Morning Brew: Wednesday, Nov. 18


Happy Hump Day!

One way to make the Twilight series more interesting? Moviefone took the words right out of our mouths: Make Bella bi-curious (ala Susan Sarandon in The Hunger). Curious about Rosalie, perhaps?

Joan Jett showed up to support KStew at the New Moon premiere in L.A. on Monday. At the rate she’s aging, she should look 22 by spring.

A new interview with Olivia Wilde has her claiming Thirteen is going to be “less naive” and take things “more seriously” this season on House. I think she’s really saying, “There will be a serious lesbian relationship between my character and Cuddy.” Am I wrong to read into that too much?

If you were unsure whether you thought Rosie O’Donnell was making a comeback or not, AOL’s Inside TV has five reasons she is. Number four: “Heads up ladies, she’s single.”

Earlier this week I wrote about Philip Roth‘s new novel, The Humbling, which has a major lesbian character fall for an aging male actor. Today, he’s made the UK’s “Bad Sex Award Shortlist.” The Literary Review specifically chose a creepy threesome scene. I still don’t need to read the book to agree it’s bad.

In somewhat related news, Howard Stern‘s Miss Howard TV Dec. 2009, Reby Sky, is a lesbian. I’m sorry — she’s a “full-blown lesbian.” She’s been in a relationship with a woman for two years. Of course, this is followed up by the information that this was only “after being married and beating the s–t out of her husband after finding out he cheated on her.” Lovely.

Lastly, is featuring Flashforward‘s Janis Hawk, Christine Woods, as their woman of the week. Good choice!

Have a great gay day.

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