Actress Stephanie Reibel says she’s falling for a woman for the first time


If Stephanie Reibel looks familiar, you could have seen her in a variety of places. She’s had guest spots on Monk, Two and a Half Men, and she’s also one of the stars of a new bisexual web series, Rose by Any Other Name.

The series is from FenceSitterFilms, who was behind the Ally Sheedy/Ruby Dee film Steam, which also had a bisexual theme.

Reibel plays a lesbian (Rose) who decides to date a man, which makes friends upset and her family ecstatic. The actress recently in a recent interview told an interviewer she’s actually finding herself on the other side of things.

“I’m a straight woman who has found myself attracted for the first time to a woman in real life,” Ribel said. “I found myself attracted to a person, and I liked the fact that I can feel that way. It happens that I felt the love for a woman.”

Reibel said she doesn’t call herself bisexual now, as it’s not something she wants to put a label on:

For me, it’s not something I’m embarrassing of, but I don’t think I need to have a label for it. It’s OK if other people want to label it though. This is my first experience of it, so I don’t know what it is. If it makes them feel better in terms of labeling then that’s fine, I found myself attracted to a person.

And much like her character deals with on the web series, Reibel said she finds that the gay women are the ones who have the hardest time with sexual fluidity:

In the lesbian world it’s different reactions than the straight world to my situation. With women, it’s more emotional. My friends say it’s OK if I’m gay, but I say, ‘No, it’s just this one person’ and then they say, ‘It’s OK if you’re bi,’ and I say, ‘Well, if that makes you feel better,’ but really I don’t want to be labeled and don’t see the need for the label. I think it’s about the person.

Besides starring on the lesbian-themed web series, she is also going to be on our radar for her upcoming role in The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, alongside out bisexual actress Kristanna Loken.

Kristanna on set with a co-star

Check out the first five episodes of Rose by Any Other Name. What do you think of the series, and of its star saying she’s finding herself not-so-straight?